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Stake is known for its rich casino, yet there is a lot of room for improvement sports-wise. Sports such as Basketball dominate the scene on Stake and, similarly to other celebrated sports on Stake, it comes with rewarding surprises.

 Basketball on Stake

 It’s easy to notice how lauded is basketball on Stake. The very icon under which all sports are located is illustrated with a basketball. You click on the icon and start browsing the drop-down menu. In fact, there are three basketballs:

One to indicate the sports section

-  Another to indicate NBA basketball

-  And a third one to show all basketball games

 Both NBA and General basketball have the same layout. NBA shows you all current games and the odds of each team, while the general basketball section shows you all the active leagues at the moment. Those could be: 

-  NBA 

-  Euroleague

-  NBL (Aus)

-  NBB

-  Division A (Cyprus) 

-  NBL (CZ)

-  Basketligaen

-  KML

-  Korisliiga

-  Super League 


-  LKL

-  KBL

-  Spain

 The process of selecting leagues is quite simple: 

1.  You tick the boxes of your desired league.

2.  Click the “create coupon” code.

You’ll be redirected to a page which shows all the games from your selected leagues.

 Types of bets

Stake Bet BasketBall

On Stake there are two betting routes for basketball. The “Live and Upcoming” bets and the “Outrights” 

The Live and Upcoming bets do not only showcase current and soon-to-be events, but allow you to place a wager on individual games. 

On the other hand, the Outrights are used to bet on entire championships instead of individual games. 

 How to bet?

 Let’s consider an Outright bet. You want to bet on the future winner in the WNBA. Here’s how to do it: 

1.  You select a future champion from the team selection screen. 

2.  You click on a team you like and a sidebar pops up with your selection.

3.  You are given two options: Single or Multi.

Single in Stake’s term is betting on a single team, whereas Multi means betting on a selection of teams.

4.  After making up your mind you, you insert an amount and click ‘Place bet’. 

And that’s about it. 

 Stake basketball bonuses

Stake Bonuses BasketBall

As you may already know, a lot of Stake’s bonuses are seasonal and depend on what’s topical at the moment. This implies that the hottest bonus can be no other than the NBA PLAYOFFS 14+ PAYOUT. 

With this bonus you can bet on any team and if they win by 14 points or more, you are entitled to up to $100 money back! The minimum betting amount is $5 and must be placed before the start time of the bet indicated by Stake.



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