Stake Tennis


Stake tennis

Tennis is a mainstay at Stake casino and a chance for every sports play to experience the thrill of 4-hour gameplay. Lace-up to find how and when to bet on Stake’s lucrative casino games.

 How to find Stake’s tennis games?

Stake’s tennis could be located in the exact same place where other sports games are found. Once you enter the main page, you should look for a tennis ball icon.  The ball would take you to the main page of tennis where you will find: 

Live & Upcoming – a section about current tennis events.

-  Outrights – games where you bet on an entire tournament instead of single games.

All Tennis – every available game in this department of Stake.

 Bet on Stake’s tennis games

Feeling like betting on your favorite player, or maybe there’s a hidden gem nobody knows about? Stake’s system offers you the chance to either use its sportsbook to add matches after matches or bet directly on a particular game. The difference is that the sportsbook gives you a clear overview of not just the games you currently bet on, but also keeps record of your expired bets. This way you can make better judgements about your next move.

 Stake Tennis Bonuses: Level Up

Stake is grand neither in size nor in cash prizes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pamper its users with top-quality rewards and promo perks. One key promo game to look out for is “Level Up Sports edition” which gives awesome multipliers from a prize pool of $5000. The tennis multiplier for level up is x2.2.

 Stake Tennis Bonuses: April Sports Challenge

Tennis Bonuses Stake

The sports challenge is taking place on Stake’s forum. You can participate by posting your sports bet ID and a screenshot of your bet. The minimum bet amount is set at $1, but keep in mind that in case of a draw, players will be ranked based on their betting amount. 

 Those with the highest bets will placed further into the rank list. The price pool is extremely diverse: 

$1,200.00 for 1st place

-  $600.00 at 2nd place

-  $400.00 for those in 3rd place

-  $300.00 of consolation for 4th place

-  $250.00 as an incentive for 5th place

-  $150.00 for everyone between 6th-10th place

-  $100.00 for 11th-15th place

-  $50.00 at 16th-20th place

-  $25.00 to appease those at 21st-50th place

 Other bonuses which blend with tennis games

 While not strictly tennis related, these bonuses take advantage of all sports games: 

-  Daily Races with a $100 000 prize pool plus a $20 000 pool on Saturdays.

$50 000 Giveaway which does exactly what it promises – it splits a prize pool of $50 000 between 10 participants.



Though relatively new on the gambling scene, Stake has taken all the necessary precautions regarding safety and reliability. The website is protected by an SSL certificate and has numerous providers below its bel.
The best way to reach out to a Stake representative is through the “Live Support” function featured at the bottom in the left-hand menu.
You are free to bet as much money as you would like. However, keep in mind that many games have betting minimums, ranging from cents to tenths of dollars, so always check the eligibility criteria of both games and promotions.