Stake Deposit


Stake Deposit

Depositing at Stake sounds like your run-of-the-mill experience but you’ll be mistaken. As a crypto-exclusive casino, Stake requires all of its bets to be made entirely in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin. To find out how to bet at Stake without minding a single bit of Bitcoin stay tuned for this article.

 How to get crypto tokens: third-party digital wallets?

There are dozens upon dozens of digital wallets online where you can exchange fiat currencies into crypto. Simply search “Digital wallet” on Google and find whatever befits your case. The main difference between your online banking account and a digital wallet is that each wallet is dedicated to a specific currency. 

If you have a Bitcoin wallet, for example, there is no way you can deposit funds into a Stake Ethereum wallet. You can only transfer to and receive funds from a Bitcoin wallet. This makes digital wallets particularly unwieldy and restrictive in their use which why the next option may sound more attractive.

 Buy crypto directly from Stake

Buy crypto Stake

 Stake partners with company MoonPay to facilitate swift and non-disruptive conversions from regular currencies to crypto. The exchange client could be found by going to: 

1.  My Account 

2.  Wallet

 After you click on “Wallet” a dialog window will open with several options: 

-  Deposit

-  Withdraw

-  Buy Crypto

-  Tip 

Click on “Buy Crypto” and enter your amount. For depositing and withdrawing funds, simply click on the “Deposit” and “Withdraw” buttons respectively  and enter the amount you’d wish to either take or upload.

 Supported tokens and deposit/withdrawal limits

 Before making any deposits to your stake account, let’s familiarise ourselves with Stake’s tokens and their respective deposit and withdrawal limits:

  • Bitcoin – minimum withdrawal and deposit limit of 5$ (0.0001198 BTC).


  • Ethereum – no withdrawal limit and a minimum deposit margin of 5$ (0.0017 ETH).


  • EOS – no withdrawal limit and a minimum deposit threshold of 5% (1 EOS).


  • Litecoin - no withdrawal limit and a minimum deposit of $5 (0.04095).


  • Dogecoin – no withdrawal limit and a minimum deposit of $5 (6.82).


  • Tron – minimum deposit limit of $5 (76.64 TRX) with no other limits.


  • Ripple – a minimum deposit of $5 (6.393 XRP) and no other limits.


As well as deposit/withdrawal differences, expect varying transaction times. While with Bitcoin it may take up to 30 mins to withdraw your funds, for Litecoin, for example, a transaction can last up to 24 hours and above.



It really depends on the currency you are using. All currencies are automatically inducted into your profile by getting confirmed on the blockchain. There is no speed-up for that, so all you have to do is exercise some patience.
Stake primarily focuses on its casino department – game shows, slots, dice games, and more. However, there are many sports disciplines to choose from, including e-sports in the likes of CS:GO.
Unlike other casinos which provide newbies with demo versions of games, Stake doesn’t offer the luxury of testing the waters before you dive in. Lucky for you, you can try the games by simply making an account and placing a zero-sum bet on the game you play.