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Withdraw money


Stake Withdraw money


Stake withraw money

 Want to learn how to safely and quickly withdraw your money out of Stake intricate system? In this article we will cover: 

-  What to expect of Stake’s funds transfer system.

-  How to withdraw money?

What are the supported currencies.

 What to expect of Stake’s system?

For those of you who do not know, Stake operate entirely in Crypto, which means that fiat currencies are not accepted for gambling. 

The moment you open an account, you will be given a unique Stake digital wallet. This wallet can be used to extract funds but also to transfer money into your private digital wallet. 

Now how do you get on to exchanging fiat currencies into crypto? Well, you can either work with Stake’s currency exchange client or go with a third-party platform which best suits your needs.

 How to withdraw money?

Stake how to withraw money?

 When it comes down to withdrawing money, Stake distills the process into 4 easy steps: 

1.  Make sure your account is verified through the email link you were sent. 

2.  Go to the “Wallet” section and click “Withdraw”. 

3.  A new window will pop up. Now you must choose a payment option. 

4.  Dial the desired sum and click “Withdraw” .

With Stake you’ll notice that transaction speeds tend to vary from coin to coin. A Bitcoin transaction might last 3-4 days while a Litecoin one would be done in 40 mins. 

That’s why you should always keep in mind the coin you are using and how urgent the transaction is. If it so happens that you transfer Litecoin to a Bitcoin wallet, Stake’s system will register it as faulty and would ask you to correct the address details of your digital wallet. 

 What are the supported currencies at Stake?

 Apart from safely withdrawing money, Stake allows you to make use of the most popular tokens out there. Coins such as: 


-  Bitcoin 

-  Litecoin 

-  Ethereum 

-  Tron

-  EOS 

-  Ripple

And more! 

To eschew crypto scams such as the notorious Bitconnect, Stake operates with tenths of developers to ensure that all tokens in use are 100% reliable.



The best way to get in touch with Stake is to go to the Live Support feature. In a split second you will receive information about your query and be pointed to the right answers!
Not necessarily. Stake offers a “Free Play” option by which you can test out games as much as you like without losing or winning anything in return!
Stake was licensed in Curacao way back in 2007, so on the legal side they are perfectly safe. As for the digital aspect of this bookmaker, they have taken care of your online privacy by adding an array of digital shields, such as an SSL certificate, in order to keep you safe!