Stake Roulette


Stake Roulette

The holy trinity of casino gaming – Blackjack, poker, and roulette. Roulette is a cultural phenomenon and has appeared in many popular films. At Stake, it’s not just Roulette that’s exciting, but the many bonuses and rewards that come with it.

 Where to find Roulette games?

 Roulette has a special place on Stake. Way down in the dropdown menu there’s an icon of a ball with a trail of fore behind it. Click on it and you’ll be presented with Stake’s most up-to-date games: 


-  Live Roulette 

-  Live Lightning Roulette

-  Double Ball Roulette

-  Roulette+ 

-  Roulette First Person

-  Lightning Roulette First Person

-  American Roulette First Person

-  American Roulette 

-  European Roulette

 Betting on Stake’s Roulette games

 After choosing one of the abovementioned games, you’ll be redirected to the gameplay screen. You see a big roulette wheel rolling, numbered squares beneath it, and some buttons saying: 

-  1 to 12 

-  13 to 24

-  25 to 36

-  1 to 18

-  19 to 36

-  Even 

-  Odd 

-  Red 

-  Black

-  Undo 

-  Clear

 On the left-hand side you have: 


-  Auto

-  Chip Value

-  Total bet

Now let’s have a breakdown of each button, shall we? 

The numbered buttons (i.e. 1-12, 13-24 etc.) designate the numbers on the roulette. So if you choose the ‘25 to 36’ button this means you are assuming  the ball will land in a slot with a  number between 25 to 35. 

-  The same goes for the “Red”, “Odd”, “Even”, “Black” buttons. These designate an odd or even number, or a red or black coloured square. 

-  The “Undo” button brings you one step back in the selection process. 

-  The “Clear” button just wipes out everything you have selected or types on the screen. 

 Manual vs Auto betting

The “Manual” function on the left-hand side invites you to enter an amount you would like to bet with.

 The “Auto” button sounds like a more simplified version of “Manual” but you’ll be mistaken. Auto gives you high rollers a chance to: 

Choose a number of bets.

-  Increase the percentage of the next bet after a win.

-  Increase the percentage of the next bet after a loss.

-  Stop on profit.

-  Stop on loss.

 Other features on the page 

 Beneath your gameplay section you have:

Big Wins

-  Lucky wins

-  Challenges

Which give you info on the latest big wins  on the platform and also about challenges that will increase your daily earnings. 

 Roulette bonuses

Bonuses roulette Stake

Stake is generous in every department but for a very short time. What we mean by this is that their bonuses will only last for so long until they expire and are replaced by another promo game. 

 The best Roulette related bonus you can look out for is: VIP Challenge Diamond Roulette. This lucrative promo game gives out a number of prizes: 

$750.00 for 1st Place

-  $400.00 for 2nd Place

-  $200.00 – 3rs Place

-  And more prizes for up to 21st place!

 However, this promo game has now expired and it will take some time until it comes back. In the meantime, you can enjoy the following active promo games:

$100 000 Daily Races

-  $50 000 Giveaway

-  Pragmatic Drops and Wins

Evolution Random Drops, which works with Stake Roulette and Stake Lightning Roulette.



Certain games may require a minimum betting amount of $1 to $5 dollars, while some promo games require you to have a total betting history of $1000 in order to qualify. As for betting maximums, some promo games are capped at a specific price point, so there is no need to pour more money when you shouldn’t.
The best way to get in touch is via the Live Support function. This puts in contact with a real representative at Stake who is ready to attend to your needs.
Yes, you can safely exchange fiat currencies into digital tokens thanks to Stake’s third-party exchange teller.