Stake Download


Stake Download

Every avid punter deserves pocket-sized excitement wherever they go. That is why Stake has developed the ultimate mobile experience for everyone wishing to be while on the go. Meet Stake’s mobile version.


 What’s the mobile version about?

Stake mobile version about

Yes, we know you’ve been expecting an app, but for now Stake doesn’t offer an app for iOS or Android. However, they have been working hard to design a seamless experience on their mobile version. 

 To use it, simply open your browser and search for Stake. It doesn’t matter if you are using Safari or Chrome, the layout of the website remains the same: 

Register and Log-in button located on the top-right corner. 

-  Games, promotions, search tool, bet slip, and live chat function all located on the bottom bar.

The the thumbnails of the hottest games featured at the center of your screen. 

 How to use Stake’s mobile version?

Good news is there is no learning curve with Stake’s mobile version. Usually with betting apps, you have to download a separate APK file, adjust your phone settings so you can install it, and then proceed with the app. 

 Here, all you do is enter Stake’s name in your search bar. However, there is one major you should consider when using Stake’s mobile platform: 

Games, bet slips, bet adjustments, chats, and other features will open in a separate window.

This can be a bit cumbersome at first but wouldn’t pose an issue further down the line. 

 Bonuses for Stake’s mobile version

Stake bonuses mobile app

We have good and bad news. Good news is that all promotions, bonuses, and reward schemes remain absolutely the same for the mobile edition of the bookmaker. 

The bad news is that, unlike many other online bookmakers, Stake doesn’t offer special bonuses for mobile users.

 Can we expect a downloadable app from Stake? 

As of now, there aren’t any rumors about a future app you can download. That’s probably due to the fact that both Google Play and App Store have prohibited betting games in their stores. 

Many other bookmakers have tried bypassing the issue by producing an app that could be downloaded from their website. The drawback of this is that it’s cumbersome and some phones have multiple security shields, making it next to impossible to download the app. 

Stake’s mobile version works so well as it is that there really isn’t any reason for designing a dedicated app.



Yes, you have easy access not only to Stake’s exchange client but also to your digital wallet on Stake’s mobile version.
You can rest assured that the security integrated in Stake’s website version is also present in the mobile edition. There is no room for worry, unless you leave your phone unattended!
Yes, that’s what the ‘chat’ button is for. It put you in touch with an active representative ready to handle your issue.