Stake Rugby


Stake Rugby

You may already know that Stake’s sports selection is modest, but that should not imply that it’s poor in bonuses, promos, and championships. In the article you’ll about where to find Stake’s rugby section, how to bet, and what to prizes to expect.

 Where to find rugby?

Once you have entered Stake’s main webpage, you’ll quickly have to locate the ‘basketball’ icon on the top left. Click on it and navigate your cursors to the ellipse ball at the bottom of the menu. You can hoover over the icon to see the title of the icon. 

Be warned that there are two ellipse balls – one for rugby and the other for Aussie rules. 

What’s Aussie rules? Well, that’s simply a blend of American football but in Australia. But more in another article.

 How to bet on rugby?

 After locating the proper ellipse ball it’s time to crack down on betting. Clicking the icon will show you all the ongoing tournaments. To bet, you need to closely follow these steps:

1.  Choose whether to make a Live and Upcoming or an Outright bet. 

The difference between Live and Outright betting is that with the former you bet on a single game, whereas the latter allows you to bet on entire 


2.  After making your choice it’s time to choose a game. This happens by clicking on any of games shown on the screen. 

3.  Once you have selected a match, you have two options – single or multi betting. 

Single betting is self-explanatory – it’s betting a specific amount on a single game. Multi betting, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to bet on multiple games at once. 

The key difference is that with Multi betting, a single betting amount applies to all games you have added to your bet slip. 

4.  Once you are done setting that up you can click ‘Place bet’.

Or you can be even more meticulous with your selection. 

Let’s say you have chosen to bet on Dublin vs Belfast. Once you add it to your bet slip in the bar on your right, you can click on the title of the game to discover more features that will help you finetune your bet. 

 You’ll be taken to a window where you can:

Choose a winner or a tie outcome

-  Select your Double Chance

-  Draw no Bet 

-  Choose your Handicap 

-  Select your total

-  Who’ll lead by halftime/Fulltime

Decide if the odds of a team will be over or under a specific digit. 

 Rugby bonuses

You may already know that Stake’s bonuses are seasonal and are gone before you can read their terms and conditions. Each bonus has a time limit and you should abide by it. 

 Although we have seen rugby promo games before, now you can only benefit from the general promos available: 

The Level Up (if it includes rugby at the time of you reviewing this) 

-  Highest odds sports challenge

-  $100 000 Daily Races 

But down lose hope just yet. Stake bonuses can be extremely sporadic. One day they are in and the other are gone with the wind. So remember to always keep tabs on their promo page.



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