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It’s natural of you to ask for a casino app. After all, it’s the 21st century which in our minds means that we are entitled to a mobile app for everything. However, Stake, along with other casinos, aren't given the privilege to showcase their offers on neither Play Store nor App Store, since the two platforms prohibit gambling apps to be featured in the stores. Nevertheless, Stake has found a way around this! 

 Mobile version: your only option

Although in operation since 2017, Stake still hasn’t presented to the public a functioning mobile app of their website.

With gambling websites, you’d normally expect an app that’s downloadable through a browser (APK) but this can’t be said for Stake. Here, the only way to carry Stake’s gambling adventures in your pocket is by using the mobile version.

 What does the mobile version offer?

Lucky for you the mobile version functions exactly like its browser counterpart. All you have to do is type in “Stake” in your search bar and hit enter. 

Stake’s mobile app will not rob you of any of the features. It sports a user-friendly layout, with a “Log-in” and “Register” button at the top right, main contents in the center of your screen, and all the buttons for sports, casino games, promotions, and account settings are featured on the bottom side of your screen. 

If you are already familiar with Stake’s webpage, then you would feel straight at home.

 Promo codes and bonuses on mobile

Promo codes are used to enhance the earning potential of your weekly bonuses and promotions. Their scarcity makes them all the more valuable and it’s websites like this one that provide you with hard-to-miss opportunities. 

Our special code you can use is: … and you can apply it upon registration. 

You’ll be pleased to know that promo codes work exactly the same on the mobile version. And the same goes for bonuses and other promotions on the websites.

However, don’t expect Stake to offer any special offers for mobile users. Bonuses on the mobile version are just the same as bonuses on the regular PC rendition.



While there isn’t an official, hard number to point to as a maximum withdraw limit, every type of token has its own minimum withdrawal threshold. So, every time you want to cash out on Bitcoin or Dogecoin, check the terms and conditions before you proceed with your transaction.
Stake offers a nice exchange feature which allows you to insert fiat currencies and receive digital tokes in return.
Absolutely! The website is not only protected by all the needed encryption shields, but the client which you use on Stake’s website is a licensed provider specializing in fiat-crypto transactions.