Stake Bingo


Stake Bingo

You may think that bingo is falling out fashion, but you’ll be quick to change your opinion once you see the abundance of bingo games across the most reputable online bookmakers, including Stake. Because of that, Stake offers a handful of well-designed bingo games for seekers of suspense.

 Where to find bingo at Stake?

The downside of Stake’s bingo section is that there is no dedicated bingo section on the website, which is quite the disappointment considering the amazing games they have at hand.  

That’s why the moment you go on Stake’s main webpage you have to turn your attention to the Casino section which is portrayed by two playing cards on the top-left of the menu bard. 

Once there, your best option is to type “bingo” in the search bar. All the available games will pop up and by using the left-and-right control on the right you can freely see what grabs your eye.

 Bingo games

Stake Bingo Games

 Stake’s bingo games are thematic, colourful, and action-packed, so whatever you choose you’ll be in for a treat. The current gamut of titles runs like this: 

Sweet Alchemy Bingo

-  Viking Runecraft Bingo

-  Rainforest Magic Bingo

-  Keno 

Although all games feature some kind of plot, our slightly-biased opinion favours Rainforest Magic Bingo as the most entertaining game of all. 

The story centres around a Rainforest exploration in which exotic animals give you tips on your next game. The gameplay is vibrant, gripping, and packed with many features familiar to the Bingo genre.

 Bingo bonuses

Stake Bingo Bonuses

 You can already guess that if there isn’t a special place for bingo then the chances of special bingo bonuses are very slim. The good news is that while there aren’t any exclusive bingo bonuses, most casino bonuses work with your favourite bingo games: 

$100 000 daily races 

-  $50 000 Giveaway

-  Pragmatic Drops and Wins

-  Conquer the casino 

-  Casino challenges

If you think this isn’t enough and that Stake should pay more attention to bingo players, you should keep in mind that a lot of Stake’s bonuses and promotions are Seasonal, meaning some will come and go. That is why you constantly check their “Promotions” for any updates on their promo campaigns.

 Play for fun

Not everyone knows how bingo works. Instead of spending numerous hours of researching the format, Stake has given you the chance to experience the game for free with the “Fun Play” feature. You can get to grips with the controls and gameplay before making any serious bets. This is also a good opportunity for newcomers to get a glimpse at what Stake is really like.



No, but this doesn’t mean you can’t try out the game for free. All you have to do is bet with an amount equal to zero and you’ll neither lose nor win.
It really depends on the type of token you are using. Some coins will take up no more than 5 minutes to be transferred from Stake to your digital wallet, while others may require up to 5 days to hit your digital wallet.
If you are unfamiliar with the world of crypto but still want to bet, you can always resort to Stake’s exchange client. They work with a third-party provider which is trusted by millions of other users. Alternatively, you can always do your own research and choose a different client that most fits your needs.