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Every major casino has its own support team to aid distressed punters when something happens. In this article you’ll learn how to come in touch with Stake’s representatives.

 Live Support function

The most viable option is the Live Support function. 

This feature located at the bottom of the menu bar and gives spot-on answers to even the most niche questions. 

It looks like a chat box where you will immediately be displayed info about the most topical question. 

In the Search for help bar, you can search relevant articles answering your inquiry. Given the fact that most casinos nowadays are semi-automatic, you can bet that the desired information is within one of Stake’s many pages. 

 Stake’s Support Team

Stake Contact

A good way to contact anyone from the website is by messaging them directly on: [email protected]

You should allow at least 24 hours for them to reply. The nature of your question or concern may vary, but try to keep it focused as much as you can. 

Even if you are not complaining, Stake’s support team has hundreds of others contacting them daily, which means it will take a bit of time before they get to your question. 

Just in case you are looking for their email, it’s situated right at the bottom of the page, in the footer. If you, like me, couldn’t find on the first try, it’s best to press “Ctrl +F” and search “support”. 

 Stake’s Forum

And, finally, your last resort of contacting Stake – their Forum. Stake’s Forum operates like a Reddit thread. Many users visit it to track daily promo games and get info on upcoming specials. 

However, you are free to post anything that’s of interest to you. Inside the forum you’ll not only be contacted and receive help from Stake officials but you will get support from experienced Stake players.

 Are there any other alternatives?

For the time being, these are your only options as for contacting Stake. In comparison to other sites, Stake lacks the robust support system you would expect from a big name like Stake. 

Nevertheless, Stake remain open to suggestions about how to improve their system and make it more accessible to new players. If you think the range of contact options are too poor, you try and discuss potential solutions for the future.



After hearing the limited support options, it’s natural to worry about the safety of your funds and private info. Lucky for you, Stake has been ticked all the security boxes – like having an SSL certificate.
Stake revolves around digital tokens. If you think of betting commodities such as real estate or valuables, then a brick and mortar casino might be the right choice for you.
Of course. You can transfer funds from and to your digital wallet to Stake’s. Keep in mind that different tokens have different transfer times, so allow yourself some after initiating the transaction.