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Stake Criket

Cricket is fan-favourite sport that has taken many countries by storm, but mostly the Indian subcontinent. The experience you can expect from Stake is anything but subpar. With an amazing array of championships, prizes, and an intuitive betting system, Stake’s cricket discipline will win over any sports buff.

 Where to find cricket games at Stake?

The best way to locate Stake sports games is by clicking on the “basketball icon” featured on the top-left corner. This will uncover a dropdown menu of all available sports games. The cricket icon is easily recognisable by the cricket ball icon that sports two horizontal stripes.

 How to bet on cricket?

How to bet on criket in Stake?

 Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the match selection screen. You’ll see all available tournaments by country. Although widely popular in India, there are tournaments also in: 


-  Ireland

-  Jamaica 

-  Australia

-  Sweden 

-  United Arab Emirates

 For those who don’t know, Stake offers two other leagues: 


-  Simulated Reality League

While the international league speaks for itself, the Simulated Reality League is a computer-generated league that simulates a real-life show-down between real-life teams. 

 After getting familiar with the teams and tournaments, it’s to bet. This happens in the following steps: 

1.  Select a national tournament. 

2.  Pick a game. 

3.  Click on the team you would like to bet on. 

Your selection will be automatically added to your bet slip popping up on your right. This allows you to either make a single bet or place a wager on multiple teams at once. 

 Next up is fine-tuning your bet which happens as it follows: 

1.  Click on the title of your bet after you’ve added it to your bet slip. 

2.  Choose your winner from the “main” section.

3.  Adjust your “Inngings”. 

4.  Set your “Overs”.

5.  Get specific by betting on individual players from each team. 

And, lastly, click “Place Bet”.

 Cricket bonuses

Stake delivers a batch of handsome bonuses for both their sports and casino venues. One thing you should take under consideration, however, is that their bonuses tend to be seasonal. This means that you’ll find a very bang-on promotion one day and it will be gone the next. 

The hottest cricket-related bonus right now is the IPL 2022 – T20. 

 This bonus credits punters $1 extra for each 6s that their teams scores. To qualify, your bet must be: 

At least $20. 

-  On ILP T20 2022 matches only. 

-  Pre-match on a winner market only.

 Other bets that will also go with cricket are: 

$100 000 Daily Races

-  $50 000 Giveaway



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