Stake MMA


Stake MMA

MMA has been catapulted into the limelight and, naturally, it’s one of Stake’s main sports events. MMA betting is a chance for all sports fans to summon their lucky stars in the latest fighting events.

 How to find MMA games on Stake?

To locate the MMA section, head over the Stake’s main webpage and look for a boxing glove icon in the menu on the left-hand side. 

Alternatively, you can use the search bar to type in MMA and find the games directly. 

 Page layout

 Once clicked, you’ll see several buttons the function of which you still don’t know: 

Live & Upcoming button that displays the newest events in MMA. 

Outrights that allows you to bet on whole tournaments instead of singular events. 

All MMA, featuring everything mentioned so far but on a single page. 

Beneath this menu you have all of the current games on display. On the left there is the names of the competitors, and on the right the odds for each player. The small ‘play’ icon next to the odds is the ‘live stream’ function which you can use the watch event live after you’ve bet on it. 

If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll then see the Alphabetical section which shows you all the available fights from every tournament in alphabetical order. 

 Below the Alphabetical section sits a list of constantly-updating events. They can be organised by:

All bets 

-  High Rollers

-  Races

and they feature not just MMA but every sport happening right now on Stake.

 How to bet on MMA?

How to bet on MMA in Stake

 Betting on MMA at stake happens in the same way as for other sports:

1.  You choose an event.

2.  You see when betting for the event begins.

3.  You type and an amount.

4.  And click “Place Bet”.

Another way of betting is adding it to your bet slip to be bet on down the line.

 Special bonuses for MMA

Bonuses MMA in Stake

Bonuses at Stake are often seasonal or thematic, which means that they come and go depending on what mainstream tournaments are on or what game the developers have created. 

 As of now, there are no exclusive MMA promotions, bonuses, and extra games. However, you can still work your way around it with these sports-based promos: 

$100 000 Daily Racers that boosts your chances of winning the more you play.

-  $50 000 Giveaway for high rollers whose sportsbook has amounted to $1000 in overall bets. 

If you are so nuts about MMA and bet just that, you will qualify for these promotions. Nevertheless, always have your eyes out for any flash MMA promo games.



This all depends on your experience with cryptocurrencies. If you are a newbie in the field, then we suggest looking at what every token has to offer. Some have lightening quick transactions while others are a bit tardy. Some have high exchange rates whereas others are decent in prising.
The best way to reach out to a Stake agent is through their Live support function. On the left-hand menu scroll as far down as you can go and find the “headphones” icon which says “Live Support” when you hover on it.
All games require registration prior to being played. While there aren’t demos of the games, you can still play for free by placing a bet of zero amount.