Stake Bets


Stake Bets

The way Stake’s bets is that you’ll experience two totally different systems depending on what you are betting on. Run along with this article if you would like to know how bet in the safest and most error-free way!

 Casino betting

Since a large portion of Stake is taken up by casino games, we’ll start with them. This is perhaps the easiest way of betting. 

Whatever game you are playing, you’ll see a blank bar on your game screen with a big blue button saying ‘Place bet’. The way to go is to insert the amount you wish to bet and click the button.

 Sports betting 

On the other hand, there is the more complex way of betting on sports. Sports betting is difficult because of the multiple options Stake offers you.

 When you choose your sports game, the first step you have to undertake is to choose between: 

1.  Making a Live and Upcoming or an Outright bet.

Live and Upcoming allows you to bet on a single game, whereas Outright gives you the opportunity to bet on an entire tournament. 

2.  Then, you have to select if you want Single or Multi betting, with the first one allowing you to be a specific amount on a single event and the second giving you the option to bet a single amount on many games at once. 

3.  Once you are done, all there is to it is to hit “Place bet”.

 Get into the specifics

 Some games, for example, Rugby, require you to choose from a range of betting options, such as: 

Winner or tie outcome. 

-  Double chances. 

-  Handicaps.

-  Leading by halftime.

Etcetera, etcetera. When betting, you have to take in mind the type of game you are playing and the nuts and bolts that go behind it.

 Betting bonuses

Stake Bets bonuses

Yes, you can win prizes even by betting. While there is not an abundance of these promos, Stake has made sure to reward you for your playtime on the platform. 

 Some games you can expect are: 

Highest Multiplier of the game. 

-  Eddie’s Choice.

-  Eddie’s Guarantee. 

-  $50 000 giveaway which automatically enrolls you in a competition once your total bets on the platform reach $1000.  

-  VIP Challenge, where you get inducted in the VIP club when you reach a number of bets. 

All of these are based on the bets you make, so the more you play the better it gets.



Unlike other casinos, Stake doesn’t have a dedicated phone number for contact. The best way to get in touch is to use the Live Chat function featured at the bottom of the page.
Yes! There is the “Free Play” option for that which you can use to test out games before you put any money into the platform.
Unfortunately, no. Stake works with the most popular tokens in the likes of Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and so on. You can use fiat currencies, however, to buy crypto from Stake’s approved exchange client.