Stake Baccarat


Stake Baccarat

Baccarat can a bit misunderstood. It neither has the style of Blackjack nor the fame Poker, and yet, people swarm to compete in big-money tournaments. And now, Stake has curated the ultimate Baccarat menu of games and bonuses that make it one of the leading card games at Stake

 Where to find Baccarat?

Some games have their own dedicated space, such as Poker or Slots. However, Baccarat is hidden within the subcategory of Table Games. You can them by clicking the ‘Casino’ icon designated by the two playing cards featured on the upper side of the left-hand menu. Stake’s system has placed a slide-menu of not just Baccarat, but also Poker, Blackjack, and everything requiring a table.

 How to play Baccarat?

If you are reading this guide then chances are you are already familiar with the game. You play against a ‘banker’. Every time you start, you’ll be calculating your odds if the outcome is in your or in the banker’s favour. 

 In the gameplay window, you’ll have the outcome of: 

-  The Player (you)

-  Tie result

-  Banker on display 

 Game selection

 In the Table Games section you’ll find: 


-  Baccarat Live 

-  Baccarat First Person

Do keep in mind that given the amount of providers behind Stake’s back, there.

 How to bet? 

Stake Baccarat how to bet

Manual betting allows you to set your betting amount either by typing in the digits or using a betting token. 

 Auto betting, however, gives you an overview of: 

Total bet amount

-   Number of bets

-   Increase of next bet on next win

-   Increase of next bet on loss

-   Stop on profit

-   Stop on loss

 Baccarat Bonuses at Stake

Stake won’t disappoint you with its rich gamut of bonuses. However, this comes with a single caveat – most bonuses are seasonal and will come and go after a short period of time. This means that as of writing this, there aren’t any dedicated Baccarat bonuses

 However, this doesn’t mean you can’t utilise Stake’s other lucrative bonuses: 

Casino Challenges with a unique reward to every game involved in the challenge.

-  Pragmatic Drops and Wins with a prize pool of over $1,000,000.

-   Evolution Random Drops rewarding players with $500 every week.



The padlock icon on display in your browser’s search bar is an indication that your transactions are protected from prying eyes and malicious hackers. And not just that, the fact that the casino liaises with a number of providers means that the protection is multi-layered and difficult to crack.
It all boils down to the type of token you are using. If you are betting in Bitcoin, then it may take up to 5 days for the sum to reach your digital wallet. However, if you want to withdraw Ethereum funds, it may take a significantly shorter amount of time.
In most cases – yes! Non-live games such as slots and bingo can be tested through the ‘Fun play’ function. You can get a glimpse at the games without opening an account and putting in any funds.