Stake Poker


Stake Poker

Poker is a mainstay of Stake’s collection of casino games. Here you’ll all about the two faces of poker games on the website – the single-player version and the live multiplayer edition. 

 How to find poker games?

Poker games share the same room with many other casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette. The first place to find poker games is at “Live Casino” which offers a number of multiplayer casino games. The second spot is ‘Table games’ which is signified by a flame icon on the left-hand menu. 

 Single-player poker games 

 In the ‘table games’ section reside single-player games which: 

Don’t require registration to be played.

-  Have zero waiting time.

-   Are played with AI bots.

You can try out the games with the ‘Fun Play’ feature which doesn’t even require an account to be used. 

 There are many titles to choose from: 

Video poker

-  Texas Hold’em

-  Three card poker

-  Caribbean stud poker 

-  Casino Hold’em 

And many more. Clicking on any of them will take you straight to the playground which shows you how easy betting is. Whatever appears on the screen, there is always a Bet Amount bar with a giant green button saying ‘Bet’. 

 Live poker games

Live casino Stake

Live poker games at Stake could be located in the Live casino section. You simplify your search by typing in “poker” in the search bar where all poker games in this section will manifest to you in colorful thumbnails. 

Unlike single-player poker games, you’ll have to register with Stake in order to play any of the titles. Making a registration is super simple and won’t take more than 5 minutes. 

 Poker Bonuses

Poker Bonuses Stake

 Stake doesn’t offer any exclusive poker bonuses, but most casino bonuses will work with poker games: 

-  $50 000 Giveaway 

-  $100 000 Daily Races

-  Conquer the Casino

-  Casino Challenges

If it seems like the array of promotions is dishearteningly poor, remember that Stake’s promotions are mostly seasonal. This means that promo programs come and go every month. To get the most out of the games, you should nip in the ‘Promotions’ sections every once in a while to check for any new additions in Stake’s bonus menu. 



You can safely say that Stake is still in its infancy. Starting in 2017, this casino has gained enormous popularity amongst crypto geeks who are looking for a safe bookmaker to entrust their money to. The website features an SSL certificate and other encryption devices to secure your info and funds.
While you can’t bet with regular currencies such as Dollars and Euros, you can exchange regular currency for digital tokens.
Bot yes and no. The bookmaker allows newcomers to test out games with their “Fun play” option which works on most non-live games. If you want to compete against real people and/or earn money on the platform, you need a profile to make that happen.