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Melbet Withdraw money


Melbet withdraw money

This review shares everything about the long-anticipated process of withdrawing funds from Melbet’s system.

 How to withdraw money from Melbet?

 Obtaining funds from Melbet’s system is hassle-free guaranteed. To do that, all you need is to: 

-  Click on “My account”.

-  Select “Withdraw funds”.

-  Choose “All methods”.

-  Select your provider. 

-  Choose the amount you want to withdraw. 

-  Make a withdrawal request. 

 What providers are available on Melbet? 

 Different providers require a different amount of time for a successful transaction. There are over 40 different providers working with Melbet  withdraw money system, some of which include

-  VISA 

-  Mastercard 

-  Neteller 

-  Jeton Wallet

-  Ripple 

-  ecoPayz 

-  Perfect Money 

-  Astro Pay 

-  Stic Pay 

And many more. In fact, there are 39 cryptocurrencies to choose from. Everything from Dogecoin and Ethereum to ZCash and ShibaInu. 

 The safety of Melbet

Melbet withdraw money is undergirded by a robust system of SSL certificates and encryption shields which keep your sensitive data and banking information safe. The website works with over 50 different developers to create a unified system of games, streaming features, and protected monetary transfers.

 How long do transactions take? 

If you are wondering how long a transaction would take, may we turn your attention to Melbet’s money transfer times. The standard transaction from Melbet Withdraw Money system to your E-wallet takes about 15 minutes to be executed. 

The standard waiting time for the same transaction done to your Mastercard will take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days. Depending on the provider you will experience different transaction durations. 

In addition to the wide gamut of providers, you can always bet in one currency and withdraw the money in another. If you have invested, for example, funds in bitcoin, there is no problem withdrawing them in your default fiat currency. 

Getting your details in order at the time of the registration process is super important, as you won’t have the chance to amend your currency after registering.  

That’s about it for Melbet’s money withdrawal system. As crypto advances by the hour, there will be even more opportunities for fans on digital tokens on Melbet!



Faulty transactions should be addressed to Melbet’s support team at [email protected] or on [email protected]. A team will assist you with your issue within the first 24 hours.
Absolutely! Melbet gives you the chance to bet on both local and major-league teams. Just hover your mouse cursor over the “Sports” tab on the main page and select “Bet on your National Team”.
If you happen to send a Bitcoin token to a non-Bitcoin wallet, the system will automatically interrupt the transaction and return the funds to your Melbet E-wallet.