Melbet Lotto


Melbet Lotto

Expect from Melbet lotto nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Lotto games have been stranded in the shadows for some time but now it’s time for a comeback. Melbet lotto is one of the many digital  products of the Melbet company. 

 Along with lottery, Melbet offers a slew of other thrilling games such as: 

-   Toto

-   Bingo

-   Slots

Which are all digital and don’t require you to wait for a game to start. Melbet lotto, on the other hand, is different. 

You see, Melbet lotto is split into countries and leagues. You can choose a country and then a specific league whose ratio sounds most sensible to you. Every lottery game has a time limit, so you should pay attention to the timer and calendar of Melbet Lotto. 

 You have three options: 

-   Top, which is the category of the highest earnings. 

-    Leagues, which tells you all about the currently available games across the world. 

-    And, finally, the market filter which allows you to switch between 1x2, Double chance, and more! 

 Betting is made to be simple and straightforward. You have to: 

-   Choose a country. 

-   Pick a league. 

-   Select a game out of the wide range of games from that league. 

-   Click on a game you find interesting. 

-   A pop-up will show up saying “PLACE A BET”. 

-   On the left of the “PLACE A BET” button you’ll see a bar that allows you to type in your betting amount. 

-   You can either insert an amount and click “PLACE A BET” or add it your betting slip by clicking “Go to bet slip”. 

And that’s pretty much. Rinse and repeat as they say. 

But what about those juicy freebies and bonuses? Well Melbet lotto has devised a list of special bonuses you can apply. 

A good example is the Melbet Club loyalty program where you can earn bonus points for every bet consisting of 6 outcomes. If you guess all the outcomes, you are awarded bonus points which you can convert into actual currency. The bonus points program is applicable to all events – digital or live, so you can take your chances to multiple places at once. 

So, what do you stand there? Take a bite out of the good ol’ lottery. 



Yes, Melbet supports over 35 cryptocurrencies that you can transfer from Melbet’s digital wallet to yours!
Unlike other casinos, Melbet’s welcome bonus is a bit of an overkill. Up to €1750 and 290 free spins!
Melbet spares the pockets of its bettors by making $1.50 the minimum withdrawal amount. However, if you wish to bet with cryptocurrencies you may find different limits for every token you use. Bitcoins, for example, have a withdrawal limit of $23.90, whereas ZCash has a measly limit of $0.05.