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Melbet Bet

Melbet’s betting system is the backbone of the casino. It features a number of features that will facilitate your decisions and earning potential. No matter how much paper you have in the bank, betting is the right way to make it double.

 Betting via bet slip

Betting on the platform is quite self-explanatory, but even then, the system holds details in need of addressing. 

 On the website you can bet in two straightforward ways: 

-  Via bet slip. 

-  Directly on the page you are on.

The bet slip is designed to help you review and track your recent bets and notify you of any expired ones. The bet slip of Melbet bet works with all sports events and has the option to remove and add bets at any given time. 

Not to mention that the slip will ensure a temporal distance between selecting which game to bet on and making the actual bets. You’ll be surprised how often pro gamblers have second or even third thoughts about the bets they make.

 Direct betting

On the other, end there is the direct “Place bet” yellow button on every page. It cuts right down to the chase and immediately takes the funds you have entered out of your account. 

But be careful, it’s best to use the bet slip lest you make some unsolicited bets and end up losing money on a game you didn’t even intend on betting. This, of course, doesn’t cancel the fact that your mistake may lead to even greater earnings but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

 Betting bonuses and freebies

Who said the action of betting cannot bring perks of its own? While waiting to for your end results to come out, you can stack bonus points with every bet you make. 

Depending on the amount you’ll receive a number of bonus points which you can then convert into active promo codes. The promo codes can be used to increase your bonus earnings for both of Melbet’s seasonal and main bonuses. 

This is as far as we go on our betting journey. Betting on Melbet bet is a basic process which anyone follow along. The hard part is actually placing the right numbers at the right time.



Yes! As a matter of fact, Melbet operates with over 40 unique digital tokens that have recently risen to prominence on account of the advancing crypto market. Other fan-favourites include: Bitcoin, ZCash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more!
The best way to get in touch with a Melbet representative is by clicking on the “Live chat” button. Type your question in and in a matter of minutes a real person will pop up for a chat.
It really depends on the selected game. Some games don’t ask for more than a dollar while others may go above $5. In any case, be sure to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of each game before you put any money in.