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Melbet esports

The world of online gaming has changed forever. Back then, all your 90s self could dream of was a cozy Counter-Strike LAN party and that’s about it. No shiny cups and six-figure prizes. But things have changed. Now Melbet sports accumulates more and more E-sport categories – from CS:GO to DOTA and Rocket League. In this article, you’ll learn all about the rapidly growing library of E-sports competitions on Melbet e-sports! 

To start off, Melbet e-sports is just like any other sports section on the website. You log-in, go to the sports section, and click E-sports. There nothing more to it. 

 On Melbet e-sports, prepare to observe the masters of: 

-   CS:GO 

-   League of Legends

-   Rocket League

-   DOTA 2

-   Fifa 21

-   Mortal Kombat

And plenty online RPGs, adventure, combat, and puzzle games! 

 Each game has its own betting categories (or markets) to choose from. CS:GO and its eight different markets are one of the most highly         visited venues on Melbet esports. The first-person shooter boasts with extremely high odds in the following categories: 

-   1x2 

-   Correct Score

-   Total Maps 

-   1x2 1st Map

-   Total Maps Handicap

-   Handicap Maps

-   Who will win the pistol round? 

-   First to win a number of rounds

Now I know what you are thinking. Are e-sports actually sport games? Well, according to the Melbet bonus scheme they are. You can apply your sports bonuses to Melbet esports in the same fashion. 

If you are joining Melbet just for the sake of League of Legends, then Melbet esports got you covered. Not to mention the generous First Deposit bonus I’ll tell you about. 

The commencing deposit can be quite hefty for a newbie like you. It can give you 100% of up to 100%. The bonus can be utilised for all esports. But it doesn’t end there! 

Melbet esports calendar contains bonuses for every day of the month. You can check that on the promo page or in the Melbet esports section.

Okay, I got you. But what about betting? 

 Betting on Melbet esports is a hassle-free process: 

Click the ‘esports’ tab located in the main menu bar. 

-  Verify that you have sufficient funds for wagering.

-   Choose which event and market you would like to bet on.

-   Click on the market and add it to your bet slip. 

-   Insert your betting amount. 

-   Click on the “bet” button. 

-   After that, live-streaming dialog screen which will pop up once the bet is placed. 

Voila. You are betting on Melbet esports!



Every sport has its different betting limit. For most it’s $5 while other games can do with as little as $1. Before investing funds into the platform, it’s advised that you familiarise yourself with the games and their terms and conditions.
Melbet is quite liberal with what you can deposit and withdraw. When witdrawing money, beware that the limit begins from $1.5 and has no glass ceiling (this means that you can withdraw as much money as your wallet provides).
Melbet’s wide ambit of providers will satisfy everyone – from the most traditional bettors using VISA and Mastercard to fans of the hottest digital tokens such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, and the like!