Melbet Bingo


Melbet Bingo

You may think that the heyday of bingo games is over but Melbet is just starting out! The rich arsenal of games supplied by Melbet’s providers appeals to every blend of player.

 Where to find bingo games on Melbet

 For bingo fans Melbet has prepared a dedicated section in advance. On the home page of Melbet, you’ll find the Bingo tab located in the far-right corner. Once you click it, you’ll be greeted by several thumbnails: 

-  Salsa Technology

-  Atmosfera 


-  Eurasian gaming

-  Celta gaming

-  Lottorace

-  Zitro 

-  JDB 

These thumbnails serve as your map of developers which will guide you through the array of games they provide. If you happen to be in the know of Bingo game providers, then this would be to your advantage. 

Click on whatever thumbnail you like and browse freely. The surplus of games ranges from 2D animation, through 3D motion graphics, all the way up to Live-action motion pictures. 

You can let your taste for visuals point you in the right direction or instead check the earning potential and rules for each game. 

 Bingo betting requirements

Unlike the website’s slot machines, Melbet does not allow its players to bet without depositing funds. You can scan the collection of games all you want but when it comes to trying one out, you’ll arrive at the “Registration” wall. 

That was why registering shouldn’t be a hindrance on your way to success. To enjoy the maximum out of the fruits of your effort, you ought to register and keep track of any changes to the website. 

 Bingo bonuses

As for bonuses, Melbet does not pamper its bingo players with many bonuses. As a matter of fact, Melbet has turned their back on bingo bonuses, so you have to be extremely certain of your bets and type of games.



Lucky for you, Melbet has no thresholds for withdrawals. You play all you want, deposit all you want, and cash out whatever you want. The only limit you should be aware of is the deposit limit of $1.5.
The fastest way to contact somebody from Melbet is by clicking on green “Live-chat” button located on the bottom right. Within 3-4 minutes someone from Melbet will get in touch to discuss whatever you have in store for them. If the nature of your question or concern deserves more attention than a chat agent can give, find the appropriate email in the “Contact” section at the bottom of the page.
Yes! Melbet supports over 40 different kinds of crypto: Dogecoin, ZCash, Ethereum, Bitcoin and the like. Melbet provides you with a dedicated Melbet wallet where you can track funds and initiate transactions.