Melbet Tennis


Melbet tennis

Tennis is a cult classic sport that has taken over the hearts of millions of people around the globe. Now, Melbet gives avid sports fans a chance to experience tennis with all the bells and whistles of online sports betting.

 How to find tennis games on Melbet

When you go to Melbet’s home page and click “Sports”, you will immediately find the tennis icon among the top sports disciplines. 

 After clicking on the tennis icon, you’ll see all the current available tournaments. ATP, ITF, you name it. All you need to do to is: 

-  Select a tournament. 

-  Choose a game.

-  Look at the odds and place a bet! 

(Alternatively, you can add the game to your sportsbook!)

 Multi-LIVE betting

Melbet creates the feeling that you can’t miss a single moment from the world of tennis. The Multi-Live feature on the website gives you a place to track and follow many games at once. You can hop from Australia Open to Wimbledon in a matter of seconds, so you’ll never miss those unexpected ‘tableturners’.

 Live streaming

The streaming perk provided by Melbet boosts the experience of tennis as it can display all the live games you bet on. All you need to do is click on the button with the “play” icon (a.k.a. the small triangle) that’s located on the left sidebar and select the game you’ve betted on. 

But it’s never just tennis you bet on! Melbet shows all the available live games that the platform streams. And if you are betting from some other place in the world, don’t forget to check with the time zones. 

 Tennis betting on other platforms

If the PC version of Melbet doesn’t appeal to your taste, then the Melbet app or mobile version will be just the right fit for you. The app comes with its iOS and Androids editions, so no one feels left out. The intuitive interface on either platforms is as good as the PC one and does not rob you off any features and perks whatsoever. 



Yes! Forgetting passwords or losing our ‘password slip’ is very common and we shouldn’t be punished for it. You can reset your password by either a phone number or email. You’ll be sent a code or verification link that will help you reset the password!
You can visit Melbet’s main page, scroll down to the bottom of page and find the “Download” subheading. Click on it and you’ll be redirected to the guide page that will handhold you through the process!
While Melbet displays a cluttered welcome page, this shouldn’t put you off! The website is backed up by a handful of powerful providers and SSL certificates.