Melbet Download


Melbet Download

After expanding its library of digital games, list of supported currencies and providers, as well as opening a number of reward schemes for players, Melbet has decided to create the Melbet Download branch - a place where you learn all about apps and other digital products of the Melbet brand. 

Melbet Download offers both users of Apple and Android devices a chance to carry the excitement of rolling dice, of pulling the slot machine lever, of going against the odds in your pocket! 

Since Google and AppStore have vetoed most betting apps, you’ll need to slightly bypass this rule and directly download the app from their website. 

 This could be done in the following steps: 

-   Go Melbet’s homepage. 

-   Click on the phone icon on the upper-left corner. 

-   Click on either of the buttons for iPhone and Android. 

Before clicking, make sure that you follow the respective preliminary instructions for allowing your device to download browser apps. .

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 For androids, you should: 

 Go to settings.

-    Visit the “Install Unknown Apps” section.

-    Turn on the “Allow app installation from unknown sources”. 

-    Download and install the app from Melbet Download. 

 Apple users, on the other hand, have to follow these steps: 

-    Go to settings and select “iTunes and App Store”.

-    Tap on your Apple ID.

-    Select “View Apple ID” and insert your password. 

-    Select “Country/Region”.

-    Choose “Change Country or Region”.

-    Pick “Ukraine”.

-    Accept the “User Agreement”.

-    Fill in the displayed address fields shown. type “None” on the list of payment methods.

-    Click “Next”.

-    Go to the App Store and search Melbet (or follow the link in your browser). 

And that’s about it. Remember: if it looks like too much of a hassle, you can always use the mobile app as your back-up plan. 

The mobile version by Melbet Download has the exact same functionality as the browser one, and there is no room for concern that a transaction might not get through or that lagging issues may occur. 

Melbet never leaves its bettors disappointed. No matter the method that you use, it will always be intuitive and easy-to-use! 



Depending on the provider, a transaction can take between 15 mins to 3+ days to be processed. You will be one of thousands of other transactions issued that day, so practicing patience is sometimes key.
Melbet operates with every known fiat currency under the sun, and it also supports Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. You can always convert one currency into another when betting.
Yes, some games have a “Demo version” option which you select to play the game without having to put any money into Melbet’s system!