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Withdraw money


1xBit Withdraw money


1xBit withdrawal money

So, you have rolled hard and you want to cash out to spend your money elsewhere. The only way to do it is by accessing your funds from 1xBit and withdrawing your funds into your digital wallet! 

 How to operate with 1xBit’s withdraw function?

As the name suggests, 1xBit is a crypto-based casino that uses only digital tokens to execute transactions. To withdraw money, you have to first understand how digital wallets work. 

A digital wallet is an account on the web that stores your crypto funds. After you find and register with the perfect exchange client, you will get a unique link that points to your wallet. You can use it to either receive money from different digital wallets or to send funds from your main wallet to other wallets such as that of 1xBit. 

Your digital wallet works with only one type of coin. That means, if you want to bet with bitcoin, you must get a dedicated bitcoin wallet. The same goes for other types of coins.

 Where to find the withdraw function on 1xBit? 

 The quickest way to find your wallet is to do the following: 

1.  Go to 1xBit’s main page. 

2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

3.  Look for the “Withdraw Funds” button. 

A pop-up window will appear allowing you to type in the amount you would like to take out of your account and the address of your crypto wallet.  

4.  Type in the amount you would like to receive. 

5.  Hit “Confirm”.

And that’s as far as the process goes. It’s intuitive and doesn’t require much on your side. 

 How long does it take to receive funds? 

Every digital token has its unique transaction time, so you must get familiar with the token you want to do business with. Some tokens could take up to 3 days to reach your account, whereas others take an average of 40mins.

Withdrawal money

Pay Method Withdrawal Min. Withdrawal Max. Time
Bitcoin 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
CREX 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
BitValve 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
PAYMIUM 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
BitPanda 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
CoinMAMA 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
Coin ATM Radar 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
Mycelium Local Trader 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
Bitcoin.de 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours

 Withdrawal restrictions

 As for anything related to withdrawal limits, there is a list of the withdrawal limits for every type of token: 

Bitcoin - 5 mBTC, QTUM - 0.5 QTUM, Bitcoin Cash - 1 mBCH, Stratis - 2 STRAT, Ethereum - 50 mETH, Verge - 150 XVG, Bitcoin Gold - 10 mBTG, Gamecredits - 1 GAME, Ripple - 1 XRP, DASH - 1 mDASH, Monero - 20 mXMR, Tron - 1 TRX, Ethereum Classic - 50 mETC, Zerocoin - 1 mZEC, Dogecoin - 100 DOGE, Digibyte - 50 DGB, NEM - 8 XEM\NEM, Bitshares - 10 BTS, Litecoin - 10 mLTC, Bytecoin - 200 BCN.




1xBit packs in all the security bells and whistles needed for you to enjoy stress-free gambling experience. That includes an SSL certificate, proper licensing, as well as a network of developers that your funds away from fraudulent acts.
No, 1xBit offers its users several emails, a live-chat function, plus a general inquiry form to use for getting in touch with representatives of the bookmaker. To find the information, go to the “Contacts” tab located on the bottom of the main page.
Yes, for many games, such as slots, you are free to test the game without even registering with 1xBit. This doesn’t go for PvP games (online games) for which you are obliged to register.