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1xBit Registration review

Since 2016, 1xBit has been providing expert punters with an all-in-one crypto experience, allowing the most avid players to put digital tokens on virtually anything. In this article, you’ll discover everything there is to know about registering with 1xBit.

 The one only way to register with 1xBit

1xBit Registration How to register

Yes, you read that right: there’s only one way to register with 1xBit. To get access to the website you’ll have to register via email. 

 While registering you must follow this simple four-step process: 

1.  Insert your email address.

2.  Type in your password. 

3.  Re-enter your password.

4.  Enter your promo code. 

Once you hit the green “Register” button you’ll be sent an email with a verification link. Make sure to click the link so as to verify your account and get rolling. 

 What’s the bonus code for? 

Just as any other putative crypto casino, 1xBit also provides a great number of promos and reward schemes. 

During your registration, you’ll see the “Promo code” field. The promo code you can insert is a unique code that will boost your earnings while playing. 

The idea of the code is to kickstart your gambling journey by boosting your regular registration bonus of 7BTC. Every new client of 1xBit is entitled to a sign-up bonus. With the promo code, you are adding another 1.5BTC on top of your regular registration bonus, totalling a sum of 8.5BTC!

 How to find a promo code? 

1xBit Registration Promo code

Getting by a promo code like this one comes at the cost of endless web browsing. However, Casino777pro offers you their own unique code that will give your gambling venture a significant push. 

Use this code at registration:  casino777pro   to gain a significant advantage over the competition. However, entering the promo code is only half of the work. You must put in some funds in order to claim the top-up of 1.5BTC. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with the regular 7BTC stimulus. 

 Other promos to consider

 While the registration incentive is a good starting point, it won’t be enough to retain your momentum for long. That’s why there’s an array of other schemes by 1xBIT that must not escape your radar: 






-  BEAT 1xBIT 

-  100% bet insurance 

And many more seasonal gems which get update whenever a seasonal game is approaching.



While there have been some security concerns over the absence of proper licensing, the casino has taken all protective measures internet-wise. They have an SSL certificate, as well as a handful of developers behind their back working to ensure a safe gambling environment.
Absolutely! 1xBit’s slot section offers a “Play for free” option which allows you to dip your toes before you do a fully dive into your new gambling experience. The “Play for free” feature doesn’t even require a registration, so you can hop in and out whenever you want.
On 1xBit’s main page scroll to the very bottom. Click on “Contacts” and have a look at anything that might be useful to you. [email protected] is for general queries, whereas [email protected] is for anyone who wishes to partner with the bookmaker. If none of the emails work for you, you can always send a message via the Query Form featured on the same page.