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1xBit Live casino review

A large portion of you would be visiting 1xBit exactly because of the abundance of casino games offered. Well, in this article we’ll be going through all the fine details of 1xBit’s Live Casino section where you compete against real-life players.

 Where to find 1xBit’s Live Casino section?

1xBit Live casino where to find

 It’s true that 1xBit’s interface is a bit messy, but don’t let that put you off for one second. Once you find out that the Live Casino games are easily found by: 

1.  Visit the main page.

2.  Click the "Live Casino" button on the right side of the page.

3.  Find the "Categories" section in the left middle part and select the game you prefer.

And that’s pretty much it. 

From there on you’ll be displayed the wide selection of casino games 1xBit has to offer. 

You can organize them by popularity or type.

 Types of Live Casino games at 1xBit

1xBit Live casino games

1xBit is the type of bookmaker that won’t leave anyone neglected by offering a literal surplus of casino disciplines.

 On the Live Casino page be ready to find: 

Lightning Blackjack 

-  Baccarat 

-  Roulette

-  10+ other variants of Blackjack we can’t list here

-  Crazy Coin Flip

-  Hypergammon 

-  Golden Super Six

-  Joker 

-  War 

-  Lucky6

And many other editions of it that we don’t have time to count.

 How to bet on Live Casino games?

1xBit Live casino how to bet

Betting with 1xBit is simplified to the very core and will cost you only 1 minute to get the hang of it. 

 Every Live Casino game wants you to choose: 

1.  Your odds.

2.  Your stake amount.

And that’s it. You hit “place bet” and start playing. You’ll get so invested in the gameplay that you wouldn’t notice you have betted money on what you play. 

Terms and conditions 

Live Casino or not, every game on 1xBit has its own terms and conditions. This is mainly because every game comes from a different provider which has its own rules on how to bet and win. 

Nevertheless, there is one general rule that states: you must register in order to play at 1xBit. 

Registering is super simple and requires nothing but an email address and clicking the verification link 1xBit will send you. 

 1xBit Bonuses

1xBit Live casino bonuses

 Bonus schemes vary from season to season. As of now, these are the bonuses to consider: 

Solstice Madness, with a first-place award of 30 mBTC.

Hot Summer Winnings, with the first-place prize of 55mBTC.

Cash Rain Hours with Mancala – a bonus of 100%.

VIP Cashback – a loyalty bonus that has 8 different levels you climb the more you play.

Win Mountains of Crypto – amazing tournaments for crypto.

Beat 1xBit, with a bonus of up to 10mBTC.



As 1xBit is entirely crypto-based which means that the best you can do with fiat currencies is used to exchange them for crypto. You can use either 1xBit’s list of approved clients or go for a third-party client.
The “Live support” version is a chat box that puts you in touch with a representative who will give a brief answer to your concern.
You will have to put a minimum amount of 0.2mBTC into your account in order to claim your bonus of 7BTC.