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1xBit Promo code

Claiming you’re a top-tier online casino without offering promo codes is considered an act of heresy in the digital gambling world. Lucky for fans of 1xBit, there are special promo schemes designed to boost every one of your bets! 

 How does the promo code work?

1xBit’s promo codes work by increasing your earning potential. During your stay at the online bookmaker, you will have the chance to stimulate your welcome bonus and uplift the return rate of your individual bets.

 Welcome bonus promo code

1xBit Promo code Welcome bonus

Every new player is entitled to a handsome welcome bonus of 7BTC upon registration. But what if you could get an even larger bonus? 

By using this promo code: casino777pro  casino 1xBit will put another 1.5BTC to your regular bonus of 7BTC, resulting in an astounding 8.5BTC. 

Coming by such bonuses could be tiresome as you have to browse through endless sites like this one which most of the time are as generous with handing out bonuses. 

However, there is another way of securing codes within 1xBit

 Promo Code store

For avid customers of 1xBit, the promo code store is a place where you exchange money for a code. 

 That gives you the opportunity to participate for a myriad of bonuses, free bets, and incentives, some of which include: 

A free accumulator bet. 

-  A free single bet.

-  Open a chest for a bonus.

-  Get more spins.

and many more! 

 Here are the conditions under which the promo code store operates: 

1.  Choose a promo code based on the activity you want to bet on.

2.  Enter the number of points you want to spend. 

3.  Press “Get code”.

4.  Place a bet and wait for the win! 

 Promo code games and points

1xBit Promo code Bonus games

The process sounds easy enough but what are these “points” we make mention of? 

In the promo code shop, you have the liberty to browse through promo games of various kinds: 

Wheel of fortune, giving you an extra spin

-  Lottery 

-  777, with a free bet of 1 euro 

-  Volleyball Single, with a free bet on volleyball

-  Dice, with a free bet of 1 euro 

-  21, giving you a free bet of 1 euro

This is just a sliver of what type of bonuses await you. There are over 30 unique bonuses for you to sample.

 To get a code you have to: 

1.  Select a game you want to get a code for. 

2.  Adjust the amount you want to invest.

3.  Click code.

Of course, all of this must happen after you register for 1xBit.



1xBit works with the biggest players on the market – dogecoin, Litecoin, bitcoin, etc. You can either purchase tokens from 1xbit or use your own digital wallet.
In case you initiate a faulty transaction, the system will automatically reject the transfer since it’s impossible to send bitcoins, for example, to a Litecoin wallet.
No, 1xBit doesn’t impose deposit limits. However, you must note that in order to claim your welcome bonus, you have to put a minimum of 0.2mBTC in your account.