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1xBit eSports review

While the classification of electronic games as sports is still being contested, one can’t dismiss their place in both entertainment and popular culture. In this article, you’ll find out the gamut of eSports on 1xBit, as well as how to place bets on your favorite games. 

 eSports on 1xBit

1xBit eSports

E-Sports are lucky to have their own dedicated section which you can access on 1xBit’s main page. All you have to do is click ESPORTS on the right-hand side of the page and you are there. However, you’ll only be shown information about one game. 

 To find the game you want to bet on, simply hover your cursor over the grey gamepad icon and you’ll uncover a menu of every available video game at 1xBit:

                                                       -  CS:GO                                                                               -  Overwatch

                                                       -  Dota 2                                                                                -  Call of Duty

                                                       -  League of Legends                                                            -  PUBG                           

                                                       -  Valorant                                                                              -  Rocket League

                                                       -  Starcraft II                                                                           -  Mobile Legends

                                                       -  Rainbow Six                                                                       -  DCL The Game                                         

                                                       -  King of Glory                                                                      -  World of Warcraft                                        

                                                       -  Wild Rift                                                                             -  Heroes of the Storm

On the side you’ll see a square with the number of all active tournaments at the moment. Depending on the season, some games may have over 100 face-offs or no matches at all. 

 How to bet on 1xBit eSports?

After you are done choosing your game, it’s time you test your odds. 

 On the page you have all betting odds: 

-  1

-  X

-  2

-  1x

-  1x2

-  2x

 To bet, you have to execute the following steps: 

1.  Click on the odds you want to bet with. 

 Your bet will be added to your bet slip. 

2.  Now enter your stake amount. 

3.  Enter a promo code if you happen to have one. 

4.  Click “PLACE BET”. 

Alternatively, you can add your bet to a “bet slip” that keeps record of all bets you have booked. When you are done ‘shopping’ for bets, you go to your bet slip and bet a singular amount to all of the games you have added. 

 Pre-match vs Live betting

Just as any other sport, the eSports section has a pre-match and LIVE betting version. 

In the pre-match, you can bet on entire tournaments which are taking place in the rather distant future, whereas LIVE betting allows you to bet in-game while the action is happening. 

 Live streaming

The good news is you can actually watch your game while it’s taking place through the broadcast feature on the same page where your bets are displayed. 

You can hop from one game to the next, doubling the thrill of betting with 1xBit! 

 Bonuses for eSports

Every bonus scheme here is seasonal which implies that everything depends on the type of championships that are currently taking place. 

As of writing this, there are not any available bonus schemes for eSports. However, keep constant tabs on the Bonuses section as it’s the best place to find out about the hottest promotions on 1xBit.



It is true that the lack of proper licensing brings disturbs the peace of newcomers, 1xBit has taken everyone precaution needed to quell your concerns. This includes not just fundamental elements such as an SSL certificate, but also a dedicated support team.
There are free-to-play games at 1xBit such as slot machine games. If you wish to participate in a live blackjack game, on the other hand, you must register with 1xBit. Nevertheless, you can still play for free as you can place a 0-amount stake, losing or winning nothing in return.
As the name suggests, this casino is crypto-based head-to-toe. Your only option is to buy crypto from one of 1xBit’s approved exchange clients.