1xBit Blackjack


1xBit Blackjack review

Blackjack is a key ingredient in every successful casino and 1xBit doesn’t make an exception. Those eager to test their hand will learn all about not just Blackjack but 1xBit’s rich gamut of card games.

 Where to find Blackjack? 

1xBit’s front page is packed with all the handy tools you need to kick off your gambling journey: 

Latest bonus entries 

-  Spots games

-  Live games

-  Casino games

-  Navigation buttons 

-  Menu bars

 Out of all these, you need to execute the following steps in order to find Blackjack games:

1xBit Blackjeck where to find game 

1.  Go to the main page of the website.

2.  Find the "Games" sign on the right side of the screen.

3.  Click on it and then on "Card Games".

4.  When all the games appear, scroll down and you will see the "Blackjack switch" icon.

5.  You can also do a quick search in the search box on the right and type "Blackjack" and the icon will appear..

1xBit Blackjack where to find

Voila, you are here. Now get ready for some browsing.

 Types of Blackjack games

1xBit Blackjack switch game

As for now, there is only one Blackjack game in 1xBit’s menu of card games. It’s called “Blackjack Switch” and entails everything you’d expect of Blackjack. 

 Your odds come in the form of poker chips and display all ratios: 

•  0.1

•  0.5

•  0.75

•  1

•  3

•  5

•  0

Unlike slot games, there isn’t a "Free play" option that you can use for testing out the game before making an investment.

If you want to play, then you must definitely register and get your account verified by clicking the verification email you’ll be sent. 

Nevertheless, you can still bet without getting your hands dirty by placing a zero amount while playing. Blackjack is an online game, so you’ll always find yourself playing against flesh-and-blood opponents. 

 Other games to consider

1xBit Blackjack types others games

As the selection of Blackjack games can seem way too modest, we suggest you try out some of 1xBit’s other games. 

The bookmaker’s scope extends from Solitaire, Indian Poker, Four Aces, and Triple Pocket Holdem to 1xBit’s unique titles such as Card War, Bura, Red Dog, and many more. 

 Card game promotions

Despite the havoc reeking from 1xBit’s pages, there is one awesome feature you shouldn’t hurry to dismiss: the Promotions filter. 

Whether it’s Card Games, Slots, whatever, on every page, there is a vertically-positioned button saying ‘Promotions’ which will take you to all the available promo schemes for the specific category of game you are exploring. 

 For card games, in particular, the current promo tournaments you can partake in are:

Apple of Fortune

-  Yahtzee 

-  21 

-  Mazzetti 

Bear in mind these are subject to deadlines and will be renewed after the deadline expires, so it’s good to seize the opportunity when you see it. 

Other than that, you have a dedicated page you can access through the “Bonuses” button on the top right. There, you’ll learn about all the fine details that come with betting at 1xBit.



1xBit is supported in more than 60 languages, so there’s pretty much room for anyone who would like to test their odds. By adjusting your language settings, you also adjust the currency and time zone of the entire platform to suit your needs!
Though the lack of proper licensing is contested by many, the website upholds all security standards for online safety, including having an SSL certificate.
If you are done playing and you want to withdraw funds, then there is a wait worth approximately 1 hour for receiving most types of funds. Be warned that different tokens require different transaction times.