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1xBit Basketball review

Believe it or not, basketball extends beyond the borders of the NBA. While basketball remains USA’s forte, there are a number of fascinating leagues which are coming on par with the US. In this article, you’ll learn all about betting on basketball games at 1xBit

 The array of basketball championships

1xBit Basketball the world championships

You can find pretty much every basketball championship under the sun. 

 As of writing this, there are: 

                   •  FIBA                                                                 •  Dominican 

                   •  Germany                                                          •  El Salvador 

                   •  WNBA                                                              •  Guatemala

                   •  Greece                                                             •  Hungary

                   •  Spain                                                                •  Italy

                   •  France                                                              •  Mali

                  •  Philippines                                                         •  Mexico 

                  •  Bulgaria                                                             •  New Zealand

                  •  Australia                                                            •  Belarus

                  •  Chile                                                                  •  Turkey 

                  •  Cuba                                                                  •  Taiwan 

Knowing that there isn’t basketball all year round, some months would be modest in the selection of games they have to offer.  

 Basketball bonuses

1xBit Basketball bonuses

 With every large casino, there is a handsome batch of sports-related bonuses which depend on the season the games take place in. As of now, your best options to boost the earnings of your basketball bets: 

  • Accumulator of the Day
  • -  Star Jackpot Offer
  • -  Advancebet
  • -  100% bet insurance
  • -  Win-Win deal
  • -  Bonus points for placed bets

All of which carry their own unique terms and conditions you should get familiar with before betting.

 How to bet on basketball with 1xBit?

 1xBit has distilled the process of betting into 5 easy steps: 

  • Go to the basketball section by clicking the basketball tab on the front page.
  • -  Select your game of preference.
  • -  Choose your odds.
  • -  Write down your stake.
  • Click “Place bet” .

1xBit Basketball how to bet

Alternatively, you can add multiple bets to your bet slips, which you can use to bet on many games at once!

 Types of betting with 1xBit 

1xBit Basketball type of betting

 Whether it’s basketball or any other type of game, there are distinct ways of betting: 

Multi-LIVE where you place bets on all selected events simultaneously.

Live Preview which allows you to place bets on games 1 week in advance.

Bet on your national team, a feature that curates a list of games taking place in your country.

Bet constructor – a betting system based on ‘spread betting’ where you create two imaginary teams consisting of real players.

And who knows what else 1xBit will devise in the future! 

Whatever it is, you can bet it’s going to be lucrative on every side.



1xBit supports over 50 different languages, so you needn’t worry about your language skills because there is a high chance that 1xBit supports the language you speak!
1xBit operates with the most reliable digital tokens such as Etherium and Bitcoin.
The absence of proper licensing casts some heavy doubt on the legitimacy of the casino. However, the fact that they tick all security boxes relevant to online security, and transactions, and that they even sport their own security support team means that you are in good hands.