1xBit Deposit


1xBit Deposit

Kickstarting your gambling journey can only be made possible by putting some funds into your account. In this piece, you’ll learn everything about using your 1xBit wallet, how to buy digital tokens, and claim deposit bonuses. 

 Where to deposit money with 1xBit?

1xBit Deposit Buy crypto

 The process of depositing funds in your wallet is distilled into three easy steps: 

1.  Log into your account.

Despite being able to test out 1xBit’s system, depositing money requires you to register and verify your account.

2.  Click deposit in the upper-left part of the screen.

 You’ll be displayed all types of payment systems available at the current moment: 

Bitcoin                                                                            -  ZCash

-  Litecoin                                                                           -  GameCredits

-  Dogecoin                                                                         -  NEM

-  Dash                                                                                 -  Bytecoin

-  Etherium                                                                          -  Tron                                                                  

-  Etherium Classic                                                             -  DigByte

-  Monero                                                                             -  Bitcoin gold

And many, many more! 

 On top of the menu you have two options on display: 

 -  Cryptocurrency

 -  Buy Cryptocurrency

3. Initiate your deposit. 

 There are two ways you can do this: 

Clicking the Cryptocurrency option.

This will give you a digital link to which you can send funds from your personal crypto wallet. 

 -  Clicking the Buy Cryptocurrency option.

In this case, 1xBit will allow you to deposit money by buying crypto directly from them. They have a handful of approved exchange clients to choose from, so you needn’t worry about finding a reliable system to do the job. 

And that’s it! Onto the deposit bonuses of 1xBit!

Deposit Method

Pay Method Deposit Min. Deposit Max.  Time
Bitcoin 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
CREX 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
BitValve 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
PAYMIUM 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
BitPanda 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
CoinMAMA 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
Coin ATM Radar 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
Mycelium Local Trader 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours
Bitcoin.de 1.00 mBT Unlimited up to 3 hours

 Deposit Bonuses of 1xBit

1xBit Deposit promo code

Bonus schemes come and go, but deposits are authorised every day. While there isn’t a bonus awarded when you make a deposit, 1xBit prevents you from claiming some bonuses without putting in some money first. 

The importance of depositing money is found in the case of claiming your welcome bonus. When you register, 1xBit is happy to give you a registration bonus of 7BTC. 

However, you won’t be eligible for the juicy additive unless you deposit a minimum of 1.00 mBTC in your account. 

If you happen to combine your deposit with the promo code: casino777pro   to give your prize from 7BTC to 8.5BTC.

 Deposit fees of 1xBit

Lucky for you, there are neither deposits nor any withdrawal fees in 1xBit. The system has a minimum deposit limit of 1.00 mBTC.



1xBit has taken all the necessary precautions regarding only safety, including having an SSL certificate, working with multiple developers to ensure a rigid system, and also having a dedicated security team on hand.
Don’t worry! The system will automatically renew your transaction as it’s impossible to transfer, let’s say, bitcoin to an Etherium account.
The Live-chat function on the bottom right is the fastest way to get in touch a rep who will answer your questions via chat.