1xBit Roulette


1xBit Roulette review

Roulette is a cult classic game that has amassed a worldwide group of punters. In this review, you’ll get to know the gameplay, bonuses, and features of 1xBit’s roulette games. 

 Where to find roulette games? 

On 1xBit, you have two ways of finding roulette games. The question is – would you like to play alone or against other people? 

 For those who want to play by themselves, you have to: 

1xBit Roulette where to find

1.  Go to the main page of 1xBit.

2.  Scroll to the bottom of the page.

3.  Click on “Games” (listed under “Slots”).

1xBit Roulette where to find games

You’ll be greeted by a plethora of various games – fortune wheels, lottery, and more. What you can do to filter these out is use the “Game search” feature to the right of you. Type roulette and get a glimpse of all the available games. 

 If, however, you want to compete with other punters you have to:  

1.  Visit 1xBit’s main page.

2.  Scroll to the bottom of the page.

3.  Click on ‘Live Casino’. 

You’ll be redirected to the ‘Live Casino’ section.

4.  Click on ‘Roulette’ in the Category section featured to your left. 

As for the gamut of games, it is rather pointless to list every title. One thing one must know is that you’ll always find a wider variety of games in the Live Casino than in the single-player section. 

 How to play Roulette games?

For both single-player and multiplayer roulette games, users will have to first register with 1xBit.

 Whether you wish to be with other high-rollers or by yourself, the gameplay UI is still the same: 

1.  Place a chip on red/black/number.

2.  Adjust your stake amount.

3.  Click “Spin”. 

And that’s all there is to it! 

 Roulette bonuses and promos

1xBit Roulette Bonuses and Promos

Bonuses schemes can be extremely sporadic and are utterly unpredictable. One day you could be enjoying a decent Blackjack bonus and on the next, it’s gone beyond return.  

This means that you ought to keep regular tabs on the Bonuses section for any updates and notifications. 

As of now, there aren’t any roulette bonuses that you can try out, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any other schemes can’t use to your advantage. 

Hot Summer Winnings is a scheme giving away packages of up to 55mBTC per package for all players of games by Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, or 7 Mojo. These three are official 1xbit developers and the first two have a solid menu of roulette games you can choose from! 

VIP Cashback is 1xBit’s loyalty program that covers all available games on the website. Doesn’t matter what game you are playing, the more you play the higher the cashback. 

Beat 1xBit is a scheme featuring games across all genres, roulette included. It gives out a bonus of 10mBTC every time you win one of 1xBit handpicked titles for the day.



The fastest way to come in contact with someone from 1xbit is by clicking on the “Ask a question” button on the bottom right. It will put through a chat agent who is going to answer briefly answer your inquiries.
Yes! The bookmaker allows you to try out some of the games such as the slot machines. They all have a ‘free play’option which you can use to test a game of your choice.
1xBit works with the most popular and secure digital token, including Etherium, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tron, Litecoin, and more!