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Roobet slots review

The simplest, most easy to use and beloved casino games are here on Roobet. Slots are here to bring variety, excitement, and hefty prizes to your gambling journey. In this article, we will delve into how to make the most out of slots, the variety of games, how to bet, and any bonuses surrounding the category.

 Where to find Slots?

Where to find slots on Roobet

 Slots are the first thing you see when you enter Roobet’s main page. You simply: 

1.  Go to Roobet’s main page. 

2.  Click Slots - the foremost tab in the games menu. 

3.  Browse freely. 

 You can filter your games by:

Roobet slots tips 


-  Most Popular 

-  Providers

Roobet has assembled a robust team of the most popular providers in the likes of Evolution Drops, Net-Ent, Pragmatic Pay, Blueprint, and many more. 

This not only ensure the variety you want, but boosts the protection from malicious hackers you want. 

And speaking of variety, Roobet’s Slots section overdelivers! 

 Slot games at Roobet

Roobet slot games

 There are over 3000 Slot machine games at your disposal. The most popular right now are: 

Big Bass Bonanza

-  Floating Dragons

-  Nsync Pop 

-  Money Train 2 

-  A book of Shadows

-  Book of Dead

-  3 Coins Egypt 

Extra Chilli

and many more! Keep in mind that the “Most Popular” section renews its selection based on the number of active players, so expect a constant rotation of titles. 

The games mostly resemble a Bingo-style squared grid which you have to spin. Your lucky spins bring you  identical items aligned in different directions which bring you cash in the bank! 

The games are luridly illustrated, display both 2D and 3D graphics, and always have some journey embedded in them. 

It is true that finding out which game has the highest chance of a big cash out is quite impossible when you have to choose amongst 3000+ games. 

Because of this, Roobet not only has the Most Popular filter included, but also offers you a chance to select a game from “Roo’s Top Picks”.

Roo's Top Picks 

Roo’s Top Picks is a specially curated menu of the most popular and lucrative titles currently played. It includes Slots, Game Shows, Live Casino games, and whatever you can think of. 

And if that is not enough, every game displays its biggest winner. Beneath every game you will see a league table of the top players and how much they have put into the game and their return. 

This is the best way to analyse a game’s earning potential, as well as to get adjust your mind to a competitive setting. 

 How to play Slots on Roobet?

The one thing you should know about Roobet is that it is all about security. They would put a registration wall on their entire website if they could. 

That is why 90% of games require registration in order to be enjoyed and there is very little opportunity to explore their gamut and test the waters. 

However, Slots are the one exception that breaks the mould. Every one of the 3000 or so games featured on Roobet’s website is open for a test drive via the “Fun play” option.

How to play slots on Roobet 

 To test a game you should: 

1.  Visit the Slots section. 

2.  Choose a game. 

3.  Click on the Fun Play button.

4.  Pull the lever. 

Betting happens in a similar fashion, but instead of clicking “Fun Play” you click “Real Play”. 

 Of course, you have to: 

1.  Have a registration with Roobet. 

2.  Put in an amount you would like to bet with. 

3.  Spin the slots. 

 Slots-related bonuses

Apart from the variety and massive popularity, there is a decent number of bonuses you can apply to Roobet’s slots section. 

The No Deposit Bonus gives you a welcome incentive of 0,001BTC which you can use across all of Roobet’s games, that goes for Slots as well. 

 As for other bonuses, Roobet is quite sporadic with what they offer over the course of the year. You can expect ot receive: 

Extra free spins. 

-  Promo codes doubling or even tripling your winning amount. 

-  100% cashback on losing bets. 

And many more! 

 Where to look out for promo codes for Slots?

 There are a few platforms and channels to keep tabs on for promo codes: 

Roobet tournaments. 

-  Roobet’s official Twitter page. 

Reddit’s r/roobet

-  Roobet’s charity event called Rains. 

-  Get a promo code by means of a raffle ticket.

-  Acquire a code via the Daily Rewards system.

Beware that some codes function across many other sorts of games, so utilise your incentives wisely. 

 Pros and Cons


An extensive library of games. 

-  Well-thought-out visuals and game design. 

-  High earning potential. 


-  Sporadic bonus schemes. 

-  Game mechanics may seem repetitive.



No, Roobet is entire crypto based, which means it is only Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium. You can, however, buy crypto directly off of Roobet’s website as they work with a secure exchange client.
It really depends on the type of token you are using. A Litecoin transaction may take no more than 40 mins whereas a Bitcoin transaction can arrive at your account three days after it is initiated. That’s why it is crucial to read the terms and conditions of every payment method you want to use.
While there is a Reddit page at r/roobet as well as a Telegram channel, the most optimal way to connect with a Roobet representative is by emailing them at: [email protected].
Roobet does not have any deposit limits. You are free to deposit as much funds as you like. Keep in mind that while the system has no requirements for deposits, some games have a minimum betting amount that you should abide by.
Apart from its standard license obtained by Curacao’s government, the website uses a variety of digital shields to encrypt your data, including an SSL certificate that encodes your sensitive information in most drum-tight way possible.