Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and Withdrawal


Roobet Deposit and Withdrawal


Roobet deposit and withdrawal review

Depositing and withdrawing funds are what keep every casino running. In this article, you will get to know the ins and outs of Roobet’s transaction system, plus any extra tips you ought to know about. 

 How to deposit funds?

Roobet is a crypto-based casino that requires its users to make deposits and withdraw funds entirely in crypto. This ensures that your transactions are safely encrypted and can travel from Roobet to your wallet with no interruption.

Where do I start depositing at Roobet  

 Depositing funds is simple once you have an account open with Roobet: 

1.  Go to the main page of Roobet. 

2.  Click on the Deposit button displayed in the center of the upper part of your screen.  

 A pop-up window will open with the following options:

Financial options at Roobet


-  Withdraw

-  Tip

-  Free

 Once in the deposit section, you should:

3.  Paste the link to your Bitcoin Address. 

4.  Dial in the amount. 

5.  Choose between Ethereum and Bitcoin.

6.  Hit Withdraw funds.

Deposit Methods

Pay Methods Deposit Min. Deposit Max. Time
Cash 10$ 10 000$ Instant
Apple Pay 10$ 10 000$ Instant
Google Pay 10$ 10 000$ Instant
Visa 10$ 10 000$ Instant
MasterCard 10$ 10 000$ Instant
BITCOIN 0,001 BTC No limit Instant
Ethereum 0,001 ETH No limit Instant
Litecoin 0,001 LTC No limit Instant

The system will automatically calculate your transaction fee.

 How to withdraw funds?

Withdraw funds from Roobet to the wallet

In the same pop-up window, next to the Deposit function, is the Withdraw feature. 

 You can expect it to be operating in the same fashion as the Deposit window: 

1.  Paste the link to your digital wallet in the Bitcoin Wallet text field. 

2.  Type in the amount. 

3.  Select your preferred digital currency: Ethereum and Bitcoin.

4.  Hit Withdraw.

Withdrawal Methods

Pay Methods Withdrawal Min. Withdrawal Max. Time
Cash 10$ 10 000$ Up to 24 hours
Apple Pay 10$ 10 000$ Up to 24 hours
Google Pay 10$ 10 000$ Up to 24 hours
Visa 10$ 10 000$ Up to 24 hours
MasterCard 10$ 10 000$ Up to 24 hours
BITCOIN 10$ 10 000$ Instant
Ethereum 10$ 10 000$ Instant
Litecoin 10$ 10 000$ Instant

How to withdraw from Roobet

 Deposit and withdraw limits

In Roobet, you are free to put in as much money as you want. However, withdrawals come at a fluctuating cost (usually between $5 and $10) that you should double-check every time you initiate a transaction. 

As for withdrawal thresholds, there is a limit of 10$ lest you withdraw an amount that is less the transaction cost.

How much tip will be paid

 How to buy crypto?

How to buy crypto in Roobet

Crypto is the default currency in Roobet, and there is no loophole by which you can use fiat currencies. 

To get started with crypto is super easy and requires no more than an account with one of Roobet’s trusted clients: Coinbase, Exodus, or Blockchain. 

These clients let you deposit fiat currencies and convert them into whatever currencies you may want. When you are ready setting up an account, all you need is to keep the address link to your wallet safe and private.



If a transaction of Ethereum is issued to a Bitcoin wallet, the payment will not go through, and Roobet will ask you to enter the correct details again once the transaction session expires.
Apart from the fact that the casino operates with crypto which is one of the safest payment methods, this bookmaker also boasts an SSL certificate and proper licensing from Curacao.
Roobet’s customer support is a package of various channels - Help Center, Telegram, and online chat.