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Roobet promo code review

If you are a seasoned professional you would probably already know that if a casino claims to be legit then it must pack some serious Bonus schemes and promo codes. In this review, you will learn everything you need to know about Roobet’s  famed promo code, where to find one, how to use it, and what it brings!

 Where to find a Roobet Promo Code?

Roobet promo code

Promo Codes are difficult to come by, but with a bit of dogged research and luck, you can find some amazing promo codes on the web. 

To spare you the pain of searching and testing code after code, we have a promo code ready for you. 

Use Promo code: jb79 after you register and claim amazing process straight away! 

Unfortunately, promo codes are a one-time thing and even after you redeem this code you will have to restart your search. 

 Some of the best ways of finding an active promo code is: 

Participating in Roobet tournaments for promo codes. 

-  Look out for giveaways on Roobet’s official Twitter page. 

-  Scour Reddit’s r/roobet for any special codes and promotions. 

-  Anticipate a giveaway in Roobet’s charity event called Rains. 

-  Get a promo code through a raffle ticket you receive when you wager a specific amount. 

Obtain code via the Daily Rewards system that pampers loyal players like yourself.

Roobet reaward system 

 How long will it take for my code to expire?

Every sort of bonus has a different expiration date. Whenever you receive a bonus you will also be acquainted with its terms and conditions.  There are codes that expire within 1 week, 1 month, and sometimes they can be valid up until a year.

 How to redeem your promo code?

Most casinos out there only allow promo codes at registration, but Roobet is different. 

Once you have registered you will a think menu bar on the top of your screen. Click on the leftmost tab saying “Promo”. 

 A pop-up window will appear with the following options: 


-  Withdraw 

-  Tip 

-  Free

 Click on the Free sign. From there on you must do the following: 

1.  Click on “Surveys” and choose “Add funds and play for free”. 

2.  Choose “Redeem a promotional code” in the Promo section. 

3.  Type in your Promo Code.

Promo code promotions

4.  Click “Redeem Promotion

You are all set! Once again, you should pay attention to your code’s expiration date and other conditions that come with it. 

 What are the promo code prizes?

Roobet promotions

Like usual, promo codes come various shapes and sizes. 

Some codes give you a boost in Roobet’s Bonus game called RooWards. 

Other codes give you cash to use in Roobet’s original titles, whereas with other cash boosts you are free to bet on whatever you want. 

There are bonuses which double your earnings, give you a head start when you play Live Casino games, or when you bet on sports.

The diversity of Roobet  promo codes is endless and could be fairly easily accessed since the website claims to be the fastest growing crypto casino today. 

 Pros and Cons of Roobet’s promo codes


A huge variety of promo codes for nearly every type of game. 

-  Lucrative loyalty programs, games, and tournaments that generate more promo codes. 

-  Multiple channels which can provide regular updates on promo codes.


Chances of the promo code reward repeating is low due to the diversity of promotions. 

-  Sports section does not receive as much attention as the Casino section. 

-  Promo codes come with different terms and conditions which can be overwhelming.



Roobet does not operate with fiat currencies and uses only Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium to run its transactions. When you register you are immediately given a digital wallet for depositing and withdrawals.
Different games can require different amounts in order to be played. Nevertheless, a game should not have a betting minimum higher than $5 - $10. This means that there are games you can bet on with as little as $1.
Every casino that takes itself serious will hold an SSL certificate displayed in the search bar. It encrypts your data and is by far the most secure method of data protection. On top of this, the casino boasts standard licensing from the government of Curacao.
Crypto savvy users will know that transaction vary between tokens. A Litecoin transaction can take up to 2-3 days while a Bitcoin can travel in a mere 30 mins to your wallet. Be sure to check the details behind every token before you withdraw funds.
Roobet runs a neat Telegram channel that you can hop on if you want to ask a quick question. Their gameplay FAQ section also provides excellent insight to users’ most burning questions, but if you really need actionable advice we suggest contacting directly via email on [email protected]