Roobet Bonuses


Roobet bonuses review

Bonuses are the juice that keep every punter going for more. Promotions, loyalty programs, slots boosts comprise only a fraction of what a casino should pack in. And in this article we are going over Roobet’s variety of bonuses, promotions, earning potential, as well as the good and the bad behind each offering. 

 Roobet Promo Code Bonus

 Roobet’s promo code is the best form of bonus you will receive in the system. Everything goes under the giant umbrella of promo codes, so you better watch out for a promo code online. Usually, the best ways to get hold of a promo code are by: 

Taking part in Roobet tournaments for promo codes. 

-  Staying alert for giveaways on Roobet’s official "Twitter" page. 

-  Browsing "Reddit" r/roobet for any special codes and promotions. 

-  Signing in for a giveaway in Roobet’s charity event called Rains

-  Obtaining a promo code through a raffle ticket.

-  Getting a code via the Daily Rewards system that pampers loyal players like yourself. 

To ease your search, we have prepared a bonus code for you to use: jb79  

However, be sure to claim it as soon as possible. Bonus codes have different expiry dates - some become inactive within 24 hours while others can stay active up to a year. 

 The perks you can expect from promos are: 

Free slots

-  Cashback 

-  Odds boost

-  Losing bets return 

And many more incentives to keep you going. 

 How to claim your promo code bonus

After you have registered you will see a slim menu bar on the top of your screen. Click on the tab saying “Promo”.

Roobet promo code

 A pop-up window will appear giving you these options: 


-  Withdraw 

-  Tip 

-  Free

 Click on the “Free” button. From there on you must follow closely these steps: 

1.  Click “Surveys” and choose “Add funds and play for free”. 

2.  Select “Redeem a promotional code” in the Promo section. 

3.  Enter in your Promo Code

4.  Click “Redeem Promotion

 No Deposit Bonus

In other casinos, players are obliged to make an initial deposit in order to claim their welcome bonus. However, Roobet provides an improved experience which allows you to immediately receive a financial stimulus once you open an account.

How to register on Roobet casino 
 The way to make an account is fairly simple: 

1.  Go to Roobet’s main page.

2.  Click on the “Register” button on the top right. 

3.  Enter your username.

4.  Type in your username.

5.  Make up a strong password. 

6.  Click the age confirmation tickbox. 

7.  Accept the terms and conditions.

Done! Once you open your account you are automatically granted 0.001BTC as a starting bonus.

 Free Spins Bonuses 

Roobet offers free spins on specific slot machine titles on their casino section. Nevertheless,  there are times when  players get to choose different games to play with free spins. All in all, it is a matter of patience as the list of games with free spins available is very sporadic.


Roobet rewards

Everyone wants more bang for their buck, so at Roobet come up with your Roowards system – a rewards program.

 You can enjoy three types of Roowards:

Roobet daily rakeback
Daily rakeback – gives you a share of the profit of your bets every day. Bet a minimum of $1000 to get to the first level and over time you will climb the ladder to get even more rakeback.

Roobet weekly cashbackWeekly Cashback - Anyone who reaches the second level in the Roowards program after betting $1500 in Roobet will increase the cashback rate.

Roobet monthly bonusMonthly Bonus – the highest bonus level and is a reward for all your gameplay during the month. So the other two also steadily increase the more you play, but it will trigger after you've wagered $2,500 at Roobet.

 Seasonal Bonuses

Occasionally, Roobet will put out special bonus offers for the holiday season or when a new title emerges. Under seasonal bonuses go sports bonuses as well. 

Along the many casino games on display, there is also a sports book for you to use in betting on your favourite teams. Whenever there is an open season of a particular game - let’s say Tennis or Football - you can bet there will be bonuses catered only to that specific discipline. 

 Pros and Cons


Promo codes are versatile and can be used for a variety of freebies and perks. 

-  High rewards.  

-  Bonuses are easy to redeem and claim. 

-  Plenty of channels to search for available promo codes.


Bonuses can be sporadic and inconsistent. 

-  It is tiresome to chase promo codes online.

-  There is no loyalty program.



No, Roobet does not allow anonymous betting. Every game you play has a league table featured underneath it, which displays the rank, earnings, and total bet amount of every player. This helps other players decide whether that is the right game for them!
No, Roobet is a crypto-exclusive casino, which operates only with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium. Those who are no familiar with crypto can buy tokens directly from the website using Roobet’s trusty exchange feature.
Some countries restrict gambling websites because of the amount of money you can earn or because crypto is not an approved payment method in that particular country. You can still access Roobet either by a mirror link or a free browser-based VPN.
Deposits are free of any minimum or maximum limits. However, there is a withdrawal limit of $10.
Roobet is doing their best to optimize and protect their website. The bookmaker is not only licensed under Curacao’s legislation, but has also integrated a powerful SSL certificate on their website.