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Roobet casino review

Roobet’s casino section is what you may call their forte. The bookmaker is not simply piling more games onto their casino section, but they have also made sure to provide enough variety for even the most seasoned professionals in the business. In this article, we will shed light on Roobet’s casino games, how to play them, their earning potential, bonus schemes, and more! 

 Where to find Roobet’s casino section? 

Where to find Roobet casino section

Roobet’s website is very easy to navigate. You just Google Roobet and you are already in their games menu. 

 On their main page you will see several categories to choose from: 

Slots, Crash, Sportsbook,  Live Casino, Roo’s Top Picks, Roo’s Live Lounge, Popular Games, Drops and Wins, Live Casino Picks, Drops and Wins Live Casino

Out of these, there are two types of games: those which re quire registration and those that do not. Let’s first look at the free-to-play games. 

 Slots and games without registration

Roobet slot games
Plying a casino game without having to register is one of the best ways to get an inside look of the bookmaker and what is it about.

 This feature is mostly available on Slots and operates as follows:

Where to find slots on Roobet 

1.  Go to Roobet’s main page.

2.  Choose the Slots icon. 

3.  Open a game of your choosing.

4.  Click the “Fun Play” button.

5.  Play all you like!

This features allows you to dip your toes in the gameplay before you commit to anything serious.  The games are flashy, contain 2D and/or 3D animated graphics, and unspool a journey like no other right before your eyes. 

 Some of the titles you can expect are: 

Roo Bonanza, a lottery-style game where you bet and hope for the best!

-  Gates of Olympus 

-  Wanted Dear or a Wild

-  Juicy Fruits

-  Floating Dragon

-  Release the Brake 

-  Book of Shadows

-  San Quentin

-  Katmandu Gold

And more than 3000 other titles to choose from. 

Beneath every game you click on is something called a leaderboard, where you can check who is the leader in earnings. This feature is an excellent way to display the earning potential of every game. You can see how much the person has bet and also the winning amount.

 How to bet on slots?

How to bet on a slots at Roobet

 Betting on slots is super easy and requires very little brainpower to be executed: 

1.  Choose your slot game. 

2.  Click on “Real Play”.

3.  Type in your desired amount. 

4.  Hit the play button (usually represented by two curved arrows). 

And that’s all there is to it. Do not forget to register with Roobet to access the “Real Play” version. 

 How to play Crash Game? 

How to play Crash game on Roobet

Being all about crypto is not just a passing trend. The developers at GEO Company have made a unique game that strongly resembles the stock market. 

The game requires you to bet on an imaginary token that drops and rises for a few seconds before it crashes at a specific odd amount. 

The idea is for the coin to crash at an odds amount higher than the sum you have invested. With this game, you have to exercise some extra caution as the odds tend to reach very negative figures. 

Good news is, however, that you can play a Demo version of the game without putting in any funds beforehand. Even so, you must still register with Roobet to try this feature out. 

After you have mastered Crash in Demo mode, it’s time you make some actual betting. 

 To do that you have to: 

1.  Be registered with Roobet. 

2.  Go to Crash. 

Here, you will be presented two betting options: Manual and Auto. 

For Manual:

How to bet in Crash games manual on Roobet 

1.  Type in your Bet Amount. 

2.  Select your Auto Cashout. 

3.  Click “Play”. 

For Auto:

How to bet in Crash games auto on Roobet 

1.  Insert the amount of your stake. 

2.  Choose Auto Cashout. 

3.  Select your total number of bets. 

4.  Adjust your stake increase percentage after every win. (For example, if you bet 10$ and win with a bet increase of 50%, your next bet will be adjusted to 15$).

5.  Click “Play”. 

 How to bet in Live Casino?

Roobet live casino

 The life casino section teems with lurid games and plentitude. There are multiple versions of your favourite games, including: 

-  Blackjack 

-  Roulette

-  Game Shows (such as Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly) 

-  Baccarat 

-  Poker

-  Drop&Wins Live Casino 

-  Sic Bo 

-  Andar Bahar 

-  Dragon Tiger 

and more!

Roobet Live vasino games 

Along with these titles you have other categories titled “Live Casino Picks” and “Roo’s Live Lounge”.

Live Casino Picks is where the real money is - the system handpicks the most lucrative and popular games which are played at the moment. 

Like every other game, Live Casino games also feature league tables with the names, stake amounts, and earnings of every player who has played the game. 

This means that if you are lucky enough to climb in ranking, you will be on display for everyone to see your success. 

 Betting is made super simple across all games you are willing to try: 

1.  Log into your account. 

2.  Select a game. 

3.  Type in your betting amount in the stake amount bar. 

4.  Play! 

 Pros and Cons


-  Secure gameplay.

-  High earning potential.

-  A stupendous variety of Slot games.


-  Limited variety of card games.

-  Demos for games such as Crash require registration. 

Different minimum bet limits for every game.



Every game of Roobet’s Live Casino section uses 256-bit encryption that puts your sensitive info in a special container used to safely transport your information to Roobet’s servers. Not only that, but Roobet works with one of the finest developers in the industry so as to ensure protection, as well as variety.
No, Roobet is entirely a crypto-based casino and regular currencies such as dollars and euros are not allowed. However, you can buy crypto directly from Roobet.
As of now, Roobet supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Serbian. Nevertheless, keep your eyes peeled for any updates as more languages ought to coincide with the growth of their international reach.
No, Roobet has no deposit minimums or maximums. You are free to deposit as much or as little money as you want. However, you do have a minimum withdraw amount of $10.
Roobet is part of the “No Deposit Bonus System” which gives you an incentive of 0.001BTC immediately after you register. You do not need to do anything to claim this bonus and you can start betting right away.