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2023-08-22 13:43:06
Celebrate, Play and Win with Stake

Happy Birthday Stake!

The most spectacular event of the year, the $10 Million Birthday Race!

It will be held from August 7, 2023 to September 5, 2023.

Join Stake.com in celebrating this special occasion by placing your bets and entering the amazing race for $10,000,000. Every bet you place, whether it's on an exciting sporting event or an exciting casino game, will bring you closer to the top of the Daily Race Leaderboard.

Over the next four weeks, the top 5,000 players will receive rewards based on their leaderboard positions. Follow the leaderboard progress at the bottom of our sports and casino pages.

Once you start your participation with a bet, you are automatically entered into our exciting competition. Here's your chance to win a share of the massive $10 million prize pool.

How to get into the game?

Simply participate by placing bets and playing Stake games.