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2023-08-15 21:35:53
Play More and Get More Cashback at 1xBit

How can you gain experience points quickly?

Enter the realm of 1xBIT casino games combined with an integral part of the dynamic loyalty program. As you dive into betting, an upward trajectory within loyalty levels becomes inevitable. This not only boosts your status, but also increases your cashback ratio, giving significant rewards as you level up.

What is experience rate?

The concept of "experience rate" comes into play, dictating the rate at which experience points flow into your account. Imagine that the Bronze level earns you points 1.5 times faster than the Copper level.

How do I get cashback?

Cashback, the coveted advantage, awaits you. One click on the "Withdraw" button and it materializes seamlessly into your account.

  How often you get cashback profit corresponds to your level:

At Copper level, you’ll receive cashback once every 7 days

At Bronze level, you’ll receive cashback once every 6 days

At Silver level, you’ll receive cashback once every 5 days

At Gold level, you’ll receive cashback once every 4 days

At Ruby level, you’ll receive cashback once every 3 days

At Sapphire level, you’ll receive cashback once every 2 days

At reaching the top, the famous Diamond level and with VIP status, you will be greeted with daily cashback

Cashback materializes as a percentage of the difference between the total amount of bets and the total winnings of the bets. This automated calculation, covering the intervening period between two refund requests, ensures that your efforts are fairly reflected. It should be noted that bets placed in the previous 24 hours before a cashback request remain outside the scope of the calculation.

Looking for a reason to raise your level?

The answer is in increased cashback. Let's consider the following scenario: you take a loss of 100 mBTC between two consecutive Copper level cashback requests and you will receive a 5 mBTC cashback. But if you upgrade to the Sapphire level, the return expands to 10 mBTC – a tangible testament to the exponential rewards that await you.

What is a reward and when do we get it?

Meet "Rewards" desirable companions as you level up. Each level up is rewarded with increased cashback and reward rates. This mechanized giving materializes the moment you collect the specified amount of experience points that are essential. These rewards are calculated as bonus points ready to be rolled over in the promo code store.

With 1xBIT, betting is not just games, but pleasures with levels, cashback and prizes. Take this chance where every bet fuels your ascent and every level overcome reveals a treasure trove of riches. Your transition to a world full of possibilities 1xBit.