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Megapari Bet

Megapari bet
opens its door for gamblers of all sorts to test their luck in numerous sports games and betting games. 

Alright, you have sorted your account, made your deposit, got your welcome bonus, and it’s high time you start betting. 

 Placing a bet is easy with Megapari bet. You simply have to follow 5 hard-to-mess-up steps: 

-  Choose the time period within which you want your bet to be placed: 5 or 10 mins.

-   Select your betting asset.

-   If you anticipate the rate to end higher than the selected rate, press ‘Yes’. If expect otherwise, press ‘No’. 

-   Make your stake. 

-   Click ‘Place bet’.

All that’s left is to sit down and wait. 

Megapari bet supplies its users with a unique betting system that encompasses both betting tactics and betting bonuses. 

 If you are feeling like a fortune teller, Megapari bet has the ‘special bets’ category where you put money on: 

-  Who’ll be the first to put a human being on Mars? 

-  Who will Bill Gates date next? 

-  Who will remarry first: Bezos or Gates

And that’s just the beginning. 

Don’t worry, Megapri bet does conventional stuff, too. Every month the website covers 60.000 pre-match events from more than 45 sports. Doesn’t matter if it’s major or regional leagues, there’s always a match to follow.

Beneath every match that you are viewing, there will be a giant, red button saying ‘Add to bet slip’. 

 The ‘Bet slip’ acts as your grocery list for games you are about to bet on. It’s positioned on the right-hand side of the webpage and features: 

-   the games you’ve betted on

-   the stakes

-   overall odds

-   potential winnings 

-   overall odds 

In a separate tab to the right of ‘Bet Slip’ is ‘My Bets’ which contains all of your open Bet Slips. Use it to check your active Bet Slips and bets you have made.

And, finally, the end-all-be-all of Megapari bet is the Betting section which you can visit by scrolling down the main page. 

 Right next to the ‘Information’ section stands ‘Betting’ listing the most exciting categories for bettors: 

-  Sports

-  Multi-LIVE

-  Live

-  Toto

-  Financials 

In case you were wondering what ‘Financials’ stood for, it shows all the current stakes in real time and also instructs you how to place your bet. 

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Of course, Megapari bet has a casino section and sports section both offering a full range of potential bets.
The good news is that there are no hidden charges for depositing funds with Bitcoin.
On Megapari Casino there is a live sports streaming feature. What you need to do is log into your account to enable the feature. As you are watching, you can even make in-play bets!