FortuneJack Promo Code


FortuneJack Promo code

FortuneJack Promo Code opens up an incredible opportunity for both experienced and newbie FortuneJack players thanks to its Promo Code system. 

At the time of registering, FortuneJack will ask you if you have a Promo Code to enter. The FortuneJack Promo code increases your chances of success by adding extra prizes to your existing bonuses. 

If you are receiving, for example, 50 free spins on your second deposit, you can expect 100 free spins if you apply your promo code. 

You might be curious as to how FortuneJack Promo Codes work and it’s easier than expected. 

Every type of code has a different prize, so no code is the same. 

 With FortuneJack Promo Code, you can expect the following types of rewards to boost your gameplay: 

-   70% bonus 

-   75 Free Spins

-   80 Free Spins 

-   100% Deposit Bonus

-   100 Free spins

-    50% Deposit Bonus 

-    Up to 20% cashback bonus 

-    7.5 BTC + 600 Free Spins on your welcome bonus

And much more. 

There’s little to no competition when talking about FortuneJack Promo Codes. 

But how do you come across them? Well, there is no straight answer to that… 

 You can either search the web and check the most reputable casino websites for giveaways, or do what everyone else is doing and dwell on     FortuneJack’s “Promotions” page and observe the three main categories: 

-   Welcome

-   Sports

-   Loyalty 

In those three categories users can learn everything about FortuneJack’s bonus schemes, loyalty programmes, and seasonal prizes. 

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FortuneJack was licensed in 2014 in Curacao and is the oldest crypto casino out there. Having over 8 different providers, the website has entrusted its privacy in the most flagship encryption software.
FortuneJack accepts the most liquid of cryptocurrencies, including: • Bitcoin (BTC) • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) • Litecoin (LTE) • Dash (DASH) • Monero (XMR) • DogeCoins (XDG) • Ethereum (ETH) • ZCash (ZEC) • Tronix (TRX) and three main fiat currencies: Dollars, British pounds, and Russian rouble
For now, FortuneJack is not available in the UK. The website lists all the countries that can enjoy FortuneJack’s games and cash prizes on their “Prohibited Territories” section. There you will find what games do different countries restrict access to.