Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and Withdrawal


888starz Deposit and Withdrawal


888starz review deposit and withdrawal

Depositing and withdrawing do not have a lot to them, but there are vital to a casino’s lifespan. In this article, you will learn how to deposit and withdraw funds from 888starz, as well as the perks that come with putting funds into the system.

 How to deposit funds into the system? 

Of course, one first has to be registered with 888starz in order to get access to these functions.

 After that’s done, do the following: 

1.  Go to 888starz’s betting website. 

2.  Find the green Payments button nested on the top-left corner of your screen. 

 You will be redirected to the Payments page where you have the following payment options:


Pay Method Deposit Min. Deposit Max. Time
Visa 2 € 800 € Instant
MasterCard 2 € 800 € Instant
Skrill 2 € Not stated Instant
Perfect Money 10 € Not stated Instant
Paysafe 10 € Not stated Instant
MuchBetter 1 € Not stated Instant
Bitcoin 0.01 mBT Not stated Instant
888Tron 1 € / 1 $ /  Not stated Instant
Ethereum 70.00 mETH Not stated Instant
Zcash 5 mZEC Not stated Instant
Dogecoin 2 Doge Not stated Instant

 Cryptocurrency Exchangers:

Which cryptocurrency exchanges can I use on 888starz

And other popular exchangers. These exchangers serve the function of converting fiat currencies into digital tokens.

To make a deposit, first find your payment method and then click the Deposit button featured on the right. 

 For fiat currencies you simply: 

1.  Choose your currency. 

2.  Type in an amount.

3.  Enter your bank details. 

 While for digital tokens, you have to: 

1.  Choose your digital token. 

2.  Give your digital wallet address. 

3.  Choose an amount.

4.  Confirm the transaction from your digital wallet. 

 Deposit bonuses

There are a number of bonuses available, but the deposit bonus is a one-time offer. 

 To claim your bonus, you have to: 

1.  Register with 888starz. 

2.  Complete the personal information fields in " My Account ". 

3.  Make a deposit of up to $90.

4.  The bonus is instantly loaded to your account.  

This bonus gives you +100% on your first bedpost. 

However, if you use casino777pro’s promo code: 888_4299  you can get a no-deposit bonus of 200 Free spins. 

 How to withdraw funds?

Withdrawing funds is slightly different from depositing. The fiat currency options for withdrawals is gone, as the platform allows withdrawals only in crypto. 

Also, withdrawals take longer than deposits because every provider is different: a bitcoin withdrawal may take 1 hour, whereas an Ethereum one may take around 5 minutes. Nevertheless, most crypto tokens are capped at 15 minutes transaction time.

And while there is no limit for depositing, there is a withdrawal minimum depending on the token. However, there are no service charges.

Withdrawal Methods

Pay Method Withdrawal Min. Withdrawal Max. Time
Skrill 10 € Not stated 15 Minutes
Perfect Money 2 $ Not stated 15 Minutes
Jeton Wallet 10 € Not stated 15 Minutes
888starz CASH 1.50 $ / 1.50 € Not stated 15 Minutes
Interac E-Transfer 10 $ Not stated 15 Minutes
Bitcoin 1.00 mBTC Not stated 15 Minutes
Ethereum 70.00 mETH Not stated 15 Minutes
ZCash 2.00 mZCash Not stated 15 Minutes
888Tron 1.50 $ / 1.50 € Not stated 15 Minutes
Tether on BSC 1 BUSD Not stated 15 Minutes
Dogecoin 100.00 Doge Not stated 15 Minutes

 Pros and Cons


An amazing variety of payment options.

-  Safe and secure transactions.

-  Short transaction times. 


Withdraw charges fluctuate. 

-  Minimum withdrawal limit. 

-  No fiat currencies available for withdrawals.



888starz offers 24/7 email, phone, and chat support. Not just that, but there is a telegram channel where folks discuss everything in real-time.
Yes! Not only there is a mobile app that could be downloaded through an APK file from 888starz’s website, but the mobile version is perfectly good for those who don’t want to bother with apps.
No, there are no mobile-app-only bonuses or promos. However, you get the full functionality of the desktop version, which you won’t miss out on the other bonuses.
888starz has capped their coins at 1 million 888tron coins. Mining them happens through players betting on the system. To mine 1 one coin, a player should have a total bet amount of $97.
888starz spends a fortune on online security by including standard encryption tools such as an SSL certificate, diversifying the number of developers they work with, and also building their digital coin on Tron’s blockchain.