888starz Casino


888starz Casino review

We have already ascertained that 888starz’s ambition is too grand for anyone of us to comprehend. What is easy to understand, though, is 888starz’s rich roster of casino games that await punters from all over the world. 

 Where to find casino games?

The answer to this question really depends on whether you want to play by yourself or go head to head with other punters. Your two options for now are the Slots and Live Casino sections located in the menu bar of 888starz’s betting website.


Where to find slot games at 888starz

 Slots are the introduction to every novice in gambling - they are fun and easy to get the hang of. After clicking on the Slots button, you will be displayed games in three distinct categories: 


-  New 

-  Big Bang 

-  All 

The page teems with games - so much so that you will spend hours scrolling down in a manic search for the end… unless you filter your games by Category or Provider. 

Needless to say, you’ll be having the time of your life whatever you choose. The games are colourful, come in either 2D or 3D, and always contain a curious plot that keeps players entertained. 

Betting mechanics are the same for every game you click on. You have your amount on your bottom left, your stake amount in the centre, and the game’s all-time record which could be a target for your to beat.

 You can either type in your stake or: 

1.  Click on the Play icon on the right. 

2.  Selecta number of spins. 

3.  Choose a spin cost. 

4.  Click on Start Auto. 

That way you are setting up an auto betting mechanism that does the job for you!

 Live Casino 

Where to find live casino at 888starz

Live Casino is where dough getters gather to compete in: 

BlackJack, Game Show, Jackpot Games, Roulette, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Keno, Poker, SIC-BO, Top Choice, Speeds 

There have to be at least a dozen versions for each one. To play any of them, however, you’ll need to make a registration with 888starz as there isn’t a demo option. Nevertheless, those you lack the experience in Live Casino games are able to put an amount of zero. That way, you will neither lose or win money. 

 But betting is another story as each game carries a different interface: 

For roulette games you’ll have to choose a dye, number, and stake amount. 

-  For card games you have to manage the cards you play. 

For game shows you bet on a lucky number and wait for the wheel to spin. 


What types of bonuses are there at 888starz

If you are looking for any available bonuses it’s always a good idea to check the bookmaker’s Bonuses page. 

 As of now, there are several casino-related bonuses worthy of a mention: 

VIP Casino Cashback (members only).

-  You Play, We Play.

-  Big Bang.

However, when it comes to bonuses - casino or sports ones - bookmakers are likely to add or remove offers, so please check this section regularly for any updates.

 Pros and cons


-   A wide variety of games. 

-  Free Play for Slots. 

-  Solid loyalty programs. 


-  No demo play for most games. 

-  Some bonuses can be temporary. 

-  Card games require registration.



The language boasts an incredibly rich gamut of languages. Over 50, in fact! Wherever you are in the world, chances are 888starz will welcome you in your own tongue. Another neat thing is that if you switch your language, your currency and phone code change accordingly.
Absolutely! This bookmaker is open to fiat currencies as well as over 37 digital coins. For digital tokens, you will need to make a separate crypto wallet to withdraw and deposit funds from.
As of now, 888starz hasn’t included a broadcasting feature to its platform.
Yes, there is! But it’s not on Google Play or the AppStore, unfortunately. Users eager to make their gambling experience more compact are invited to download an APK file found on 888starz betting website.
Since the casino operates with a variety of tokes, including their very own 888token, transaction times can vary significantly. For example, a bitcoin transaction takes between 40mins and an hour, but an Ethereum one should not require more than 10 minutes for its execution. We advise you to read all the terms and conditions before committing to one single token.