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Withdraw money from 1xBet


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Withdraw money from 1xBet

The 1xBet bookmaker needs no introduction for players who are looking for a variety of markets, high odds, plus casino games, poker, countless football, basketball, tennis and other betting events.

This Russian bookmaker has customers all over the world. For them, it offers many payment methods for easy deposit and easy withdrawal. This is a convenience that is very important for players.

Here we will review the withdrawal methods you can use as a 1xBet customers.

You will be satisfied with both the number of withdrawal methods and the speed of their completion.

Another advantage of these methods is there are no fees for the operations to complete.

 First, you must have gone through the verification process

Here we will start with the bookmaker's requirement, which is standard for such betting sites.

You must first go through the verification process. This means that you have proved, by presenting a scanned copy of a personal document, your identity.

This requirement of online the bookmakers is important for the security of payments.

Some time after you register at 1xBet, they will send you an e-mail message, or show a message on the site inviting you to prove that you are the one whose data you entered.

After completing the verification, you can now withdraw funds from your account on the site.

It is important that you do what is necessary to verify your data as soon as possible, as you may even be required to block your account on the site until you provide the required copy of a personal document.

 What is the withdrawal process?

1xbet - What is the withdrawal process?

After logging in to your account on the 1xBet site, you must select your Personal Profile tab, and from there you must select the Download button from the drop-down menu.

After this, a new page will open, in which you will see all the download methods available for 1xBet customers.

When choosing your preferred method, you should also note what restrictions are associated with it.

Check the minimum amount you can withdraw, as well as time limits, if any.

Here is some more information, depending on the withdrawal method you choose.

You will then need to confirm your withdrawal request.

 How to view the withdrawal methods offered by 1xBet?

How to view the withdrawal methods offered by 1xBet?

At the bottom of the bookmaker's page you will find the title Payment methods. This is the last title in the column next to the last one. Click on the link and you will open a page that shows all the payment methods on the left, and then at the top you have tabs Deposit and Withdrawal.

The number of withdrawal methods shown is different for each country. There is an impressively large number of payment and withdrawal methods, so you will surely find a method that is convenient for you.

 Bank cards
The first group of methods includes bank cards: VISA, Maestro. For these two types of cards you will see a period of 1 minute to 7 days, as well as the fact that no fees are charged.

 Electronic wallets
This type of method is also known as e-wallets. More than 18 portfolios are shown. We will only mention Skrill, as it is one of the most common. See the minimum amount that needs to be withdrawn, expressed in several currencies, as well as the term - 15 minutes. This type of withdrawal is also without fees.

Withdrawal e-wallets include Perfect Money and Jeton Wallet.

 Mobile payments
There are over 12 such methods, where withdrawals are without fees and take up to 15 minutes to complete.

 Payment systems
They are three in number and include the popular NETELLER system. The withdrawal is without fees, there are minimum amounts in several currencies, as well as a period of 15 minutes for the withdrawal.

The other two such withdrawal options are ecoPayz and Payeer. 

 Electronic currency exchange office
Here you will find 1xMoney, with minimum withdrawal amounts specified in several currencies, as well as the withdrawal period - 15 minutes. No fees are charged. 

 Payment terminals
Here you have the opportunity to use CREDITOS, subject to the requirement for minimum amounts given in several currencies. The withdrawal period is 15 minutes and there are no fees.

 Online banking
There is a choice of four methods, which are Privat24, ECOBANQ, AstroPay Direct, Polaris Bank. And for them there is a minimum amount in several currencies, as well as that no fee is deducted and the withdrawal is complete in 15 minutes. 

 Bank transfers
Here you will find 30 offers, including Rapid, Help2Pay, Union Bank. And with these methods no fees are charged, the withdrawal is made in 15 minutes and there are minimum amounts.

Here the proposals are 20 in number, and among the methods we will mention Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin. And for these methods are specified the minimum amounts for withdrawal, a period of 15 minutes for the withdrawal, as well as that no fees are deducted.

 Minimum withdrawal amounts

The amounts are usually expressed in four currencies:

- In rubles (since this is a Russian bookmaker) - 100 rubles
- In US dollars - 1.50 dollars
- In euros - 1.50 euros
- In Turkish lira - 9 lira.

 Deadlines for making withdrawals

From the above information you will see that you may need the most time it takes to withdraw with a bank card. The time limits are very wide - from 1 minute to 7 days.

As mentioned above, 15 minutes are more than enough for the other methods.


By offering an impressive number of withdrawal methods, 1xBet once again shows its concern for meeting the need of players to choose and this is appreciated by customers.

Not all methods are the most used, but you may want to try a new method or stick to a familiar way of dealing with tools that you are used to and do not want to change to another.

As always in case of hesitation or questions, contact the live chat to ask your questions.

With bank cards, e-wallets and other methods of operating funds, you can quickly withdraw from a mobile device. This will allow you to withdraw at any time.

The limiting requirement for a minimum withdrawal amount is not severe, as this amount is small and will not be difficult for any player.

And the speed with which the withdrawal operations are carried out is enough for you to be completely satisfied with the 1xBet withdrawal opportunities provided to you from your account on the bookmaker's website.

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