Download Urban VPN

Download Urban VPN


1XBET Not loading for you? Don't worry, there is an easy solution!


1XBET Not loading for you? Don't worry, there is an easy solution!

If you have a problem entering the online platform of 1XBET, you wont be able to have fun with it's wide range of games and bets ,created especially for you. Relax, as this is a temporary problem that the bookmaker is working on fixing. Both you and your time are valued, so every statement you make about the connection problem in 1XBET is taken into account. For your convenience, there are a few tried and tested steps that will make it easier for you (described below) to solve this inconvenience.

This inconvenience is temporary and there are a few tricks with which you can once again enjoy your favorite bets by surfing calmly in 1XBET.

 Here you have two alternative links to 1xBet that you can use:                                                                                                     

IMPORTANT! While registering,  you must pay attention to the field where the promo code is written.

Your promotional promo code is BETHAP and you must enter it.

You need the code - BETHAP during registration.


If you still can't log in to the 1xBet site, there are other ways, which we have explained below in the review!

 For easy access to 1XBET if you log in through your desktop computer

For easy access to 1XBET if you log in through your desktop computer

If you have a problem logging in to 1xBet, we recommend  you using a VPN (virtual private network). There are some  countries, in which the site is not supported, and with this software, you may be able to access pages that you have not been able to access due to your location. Thanks to this software you will be able to change your IP, as well as encrypt data before connecting to the 1XBET site. For this reason, people are often using VPNs to hide or change the visibility of their country. There are various online options from which you can get this service. One of them is to use the most popular Chrome application and its extension - Urban VPN. In the following lines you will read a few easy ways thanks to which you will be able to download and install this Chrome extension.

Below these lines there is a link to the main site of Urban VPN..


After logging in to the Urban VPN site, Click on the button ‘Free Download’.

When you press it, the program will  start downloading. You must save the downloaded UrbanVPN2exe file in a folder of your choice or on your desktop.

After that  you must click the downloaded file and it will start to install.

The installation will take you about a minute and the application will be open automatically.

Then you need to find your location, and if you do not have access to the 1XBET site, you must change your location (IP address) to one of the following countries: Malta, Ukraine, Norway, and any Latin America.

That was all you had to do and you are ready to have fun on your bookmaker's online site.

IMPORTANT! During your registration in 1xBet, do not forget to enter in the appropriate field your promotional code - BETHAP


 How to download 1xBet app for Android and iOS

Once you have successfully learned how to work with Urban VPN, you can easily download and use the 1XBET applications for Android and iOS.

 If you are using Android - You can download this app by clicking the button below. If you have trouble accessing the site, use a VPN (explained above).

You need to download the .apk file and then install it.

While you are registering, be carefull to enter the BETHAP code


 If you use iOS - Please make your IP address hidden from the VPN (preferably from one of the above countries such as Malta, Norway, Ukraine and others). Click the button you see and the App Store will open. For your convenience, here are some recommendations for you to download this mobile application directly.

After downloading the IOS app and installing it, please don’t forget to re-enter your promotional code BETHAP


 Tips on how to open 1xBet on your smartphone via VPN

Tips on how to open 1xBet on your smartphone via VPN

We are living in a technological age in which phones are used not only for communication, but also for entertainment, such as gambling.

This is important information for any bookmaker and should be taken into account.

If you are still hesitant about which platform to play - phone, tablet or other, we recommend that you read all the information about the mobile version of 1xBet.

In the mobile version you will find a lot of gaming options that are similar to those you use a desktop computer.

Remember, there are already methods described above on how to install and use the mobile versions.

In case of a temporary problem, use a VPN and its operating instructions are described above.

- If you have Android,  you must open Google market, but if you have Apple, Iphone or Ipad,  you can open the App store.
- Enter the name of the application - UrbanVPN
- To access the application, press the download button.
- After pressing the above button, your application is installed on your smart device.
- All you have to do is open Urban VPN, then select a country with the location and license available for your bookmaker. Recommendation from 1XBET:    

For reliable access, must use one of the following countries: Ukraine, Norway, Malta and others.

- To open 1xBet and start enjoying gambling, which directly has access to all functions of the company's mobile application.
- You have the opportunity to launch the bookmaker directly from your smartphone without opening your browser.

For all customers, Casino777pro has explained how to use a link to the mobile version of 1xBet. In the information provided, you will be able to get acquainted with everything you need for the site and its use step by step.

IMPORTANT! Fill in the blank field with the promotional code - the word BETHAP


 Additional option

There are browsers that are different. With them you can use a built-in service that allows you to protect and secure your connection.

It is important for any operating system.

Download your browser and check the "Enable VPN" box. This will give you access to your bookmaker.

Your favorite browser is sure to have its own special VPN extension.

If you do not want to change your browser - type "Download VPN" in the search engine,  you can activate the extension and select a country with a different IP.

IMPORTANT! Fill in the blank field with the promotional code - the word BETHAP


 Good to know!

There are  some countries in which bookmakers such as Melbet and Betwinner are not licensed. For you 1XBET customers, you are provided with a working link to Melbet and Betwinner, but if that doesn't work depending on your location, use a VPN. The download and installation processes are described to you above. 

 In case of a problem with entering the 1xBet site:

Sometimes 1XBET has temporary restrictions for several countries, so  players from these countries will not be able to bet for a certain period of time. Sometimes players from Russia have difficulty opening their favorite platform too. That's why you have the opportunity, the option to be flexible and to be able to play anytime and from anywhere via VPN.

Become another member of the 1XBET family. Welcome to the 1XBET website.

IMPORTANT! During your registration, do not forget to enter in the appropriate field your promotional code - BETHAP


More information


Yes, there are different options, but the most effective way we recommend is extensively described above how to use the VPN program, through which you can change your location and IP address. This way your bookmaker will be licensed in more places.
At a time when technology is so advanced and widespread, it is clear to self-respecting bookmakers that phones are not just for communication. Through them it is possible to play easily and conveniently. This can be done by installing a VPN service that works for many different types of platforms.
Some browsers have a built-in system that allows you to secure your connection. All major browsers have VPN extensions. Therefore, you need to be carefully choose the right country to log in to from and it is maintained, only then will your website load and you will have access to the bets.
Even the most popular bookmakers, such as Melbet and Betwinner, have the same licensing problem in certain countries. Again, the solution is VPN (for which you have already complete information on how it works in the above lines). If you are a resident of one of the countries without a license for your bookmaker, this should not discourage you, you have already useful advice from us and with it you will be able to change your location and have fun whenever you want.