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Virtual sports are a must-have for online bookmakers such as 1xBet, who want to offer the full range of sports to their customers.

Matches in this sport are short, but full of betting opportunities and have many supporters.

Virtual sports fans will appreciate what 1xBet has to offer offer, right after opening the horizontal menu bar at the top of the page.

Here they will find very good options for betting on virtual sporting events. New bets can be made every 2-3 minutes.

 The choice of virtual sports in 1xBet

The choice of virtual sports in 1xBet

When you open the section in the top menu bar, you will see the tabs from which you can choose a sport to bet on.

 At the time of writing, they are as follows:

- Leap Gaming, 1X2 Network, Scout Gaming, Golden Race, Edge Gaming, Global Bet

 In each section you will find different suggestions:

For the first two sections 1xBet states that they are the perfect blend of reality and virtuality.

- In the SCOUT GAMING section you can create your own team with which to compete in the leagues.
- In the GOLDEN RACE section you will have the opportunity to watch matches and bet live.
- In EDGE GAMING you will again bet on virtual events, including competitions between roosters.
- GLOBAL BET also offers virtual competitions to bet on.

 The attractiveness of betting on virtual events

We have already indicated the duration of the events, which are in fact computer-simulated competitions and meetings.

They use the random principle, which means a lot of surprises.

Offering video to relevant virtual sporting events helps to perceive them as real events.

On the right side of the page you will find the slip in which after selecting a virtual sporting event your selection will be reflected.

 Detailed description of GLOBAL BET

1xbet - Detailed description of GLOBAL BET

This is also the name of the platform, thanks to which 1xBet offers virtual sports.

Here in the vertical menu you will see the sports and events to them.

In the central part of the page you will be able to watch the video for a given virtual meeting. As we specified, this is a computer simulation that provides video animation for a given event.

Pay attention to the data below the video screen. Here you will find useful statistics related to the event, previous results, as well as betting options.

In addition to virtual football and a virtual football championship, in which club teams participate, here you will also find several types of animal competitions.

It is important to specify that this section includes subsections with real events that you can bet on.

 So, 1xBet's suggestions here are:

- Greyhound competitions
- Dog racing - real events
- Motor racing - real
- Horse racing
- Camel races

 Bets on matches from the virtual football league

For those who are interested in betting on matches from the virtual football league, we will point out that here, of course, there is a ranking, and previous results are also shown. That is, the data are the same as in real championships.

Use previous results to analyze opportunities before placing your bet.

You will notice, that the names of the club teams are also based on real ones. This is to get a more realistic impression in this subsection. But this does not mean that the club team in the virtual league will have the qualities of the real team existing under this name.

If you make such associations, you may run the risk of losing, as real teams can make predictions based on their performance up to a given stage, and computer simulation of virtual league matches is a completely different principle.

This also applies to virtual football matches between national teams of countries - the real national team and the virtual one in this section do not have the same characteristics and knowledge of the real life national team that actually exists, it will not be useful in betting on the virtual football.

The types of bets you can make are the same as betting on real football matches: winner of the match, exact result, number of goals - under / over, and others.

The bets you can make are single, accumulator, or systems.

But you must keep in mind that there is a limit on the maximum amount of a bet - up to 250 euros.

On one hand, this will not appeal to fans of betting on larger amounts.

On the other hand, small amounts mean smaller losses in the event of a losing bet.

And because in computer-simulated virtual sports, the random principle of development can come as a surprise, limiting the maximum bet amount means less risk of loss.

 Rooster competitions in the EDGE GAMING section

1xbet - Rooster competitions in the EDGE GAMING section

You will not find this virtual sport in other online bookmaker sites, this is another big plus for 1xBet.

This is a unique offer for sports events of virtual type.

As with other virtual sports, meetings are frequent here. They are held for about 2 minutes. The sessions consist of 10 competitions.

And here you will see information about the "players" in the competitions, as well as a video of the matches. Below the video screen you will see the last few results..

The bets on this type of virtual competitions are of two types:

- Betting on the winner of the competition
- Betting on the duration of the race - for more than 60.5 seconds or less.

Here, fans of betting with larger amounts will benefit.

The maximum amount of the bet amount is 9999 euros.

If you feel that you will win, or after gaining some experience in betting on rooster competitions, you can risk a larger amount of the bet.

 Horse racing
There are 8 participants in these competitions. They are held every 2 minutes and the betting options are the same as in greyhound racing.

 Camel races
This type of racing is unique to 1xBet. You will not find such competitions on other bookmaker sites. As in horse racing, here too the starts are every 2 minutes.


For players who are familiar with the thrills and emotions of betting on virtual sports matches, 1xBet is a great place for such bets at various sporting events, some of which are unique offers and only available at 1xBet. The graphics in the virtual pictures are of excellent quality. There are also a number of real events here that you can bet on.

In the section for virtual sports you will find offers both for bets with moderate amounts and for opportunities to bet larger amounts.

The short duration of the matches, the betting opportunities that change every 2-3 minutes, as well as the video transmission of the matches and the statistics to them form a set of betting options that all players must try.

The odds for virtual events are very good, which promises good opportunities for winnings. In general, you have a lot of incentives to bet on virtual sports events in 1xBet.

If you are interested in finding out the differences between virtual sports and e-sports, read our article on eSports in 1xBet.

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