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VIP Cashback Bonus


1xBet VIP Cashback Bonus


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1xBet VIP Cashback Bonus

VIP programs are a big plus for customers of online betting sites and casino games. That is why the cashback bonus from the 1xBet site as part of the VIP program is a very nice addition.

The casino games offered by the bookmaker include multiple slots as well as live games with real dealers.

For customers who play regularly and follow the terms of 1xBet promotions, this promotion can help them get back a significant amount by taking advantage of the VIP cashback bonus. Customers who have reached higher levels in the loyalty program receive a higher percentage of cashback.

 Briefly about the VIP program for loyal customers

1xBet - Briefly about the VIP program for loyal customers

- The program for loyal customers has eight levels. The lowest is called the copper level.
- The condition for the player to move to the next level is to regularly play games in the casino section of 1xBet.
- In addition, a player cannot participate in the VIP program with more than one account.
- In case of violation of this condition, sanctions are applied.

At each level, the offers for VIP clients become more and more profitable. Each bet brings the customer bonus points. The offers are especially attractive for the clients who have reached the last level. The offers for them are exclusive.

Players who have reached the highest, eighth level have the advantage that their cashback is calculated based on all bets they have made on casino games. This includes even losing bets.

Loyalty to the 1xBet bookmaker is very well rewarded and the VIP cashback bonus is a great example of this.

 Explanation of the cashback offered by 1xBet

The amount that can be received as cashback is a percentage of the difference between the total amount used to bet on certain games and the total winnings that the player has received with these bets. To take advantage of the promo offer, you must first check which games are included in it.

 How is the amount of VIP cashback calculated?
Between the last two requests issued by the player to calculate the cashback, the corresponding amount is calculated automatically.

However, the amount of bets made by the player during the 24 hours prior to the withdrawal request will not be included in the amount on the basis of which the cashback percentage is calculated. 

 The other conditions related to the VIP offer
In order to see the amount of cashback charged and transferred to your 1xBet account, you must choose to withdraw this amount.

Payments of VIP cashback amounts are limited by frequency. They can be requested by players most often once every seven days.

If there is more than 2 euros in the player's account, the cashback will accumulate, but will not be able to be withdrawn.

 Which games is the offer valid for?

Which games is the offer valid for?

First of all, you can check which games the VIP cashback offer is valid for, using the list of companies developing casino games included in the 1xBet casino.

We will mention some of them here, but it is important to check for current information before applying for the offer.

If a casino game has been stated to be developed by one of the approved providers, then the bets on that game are taken into account for the bonus offer.

 Here are the most important casino game providers, all of which are participating in the promotion:

- BetSoft,
- Casino Technology,
- NextGen Gaming,
- BetGames TV and others.

 What is the percentage of cashback depending on the type of games?

- The lowest percentage of the amount of cashback for board games - 0.05%.
- For live casino games, the percentage of cashback is 0.1.
- For virtual sports, lottery, keno, bingo, scratch cards the percentage is 0.2.
- 0.25% is charged for the slots.


For loyal players in the casino section of 1xBet the offer for VIP cashback bonus is very advantageous.

Apart from the fact that games accumulate points every time they are played, the amount that can be obtained as cashback is higher for players who have reached a higher VIP level.

You just need to check which games this promotion is valid for.

As mentioned above, it is enough to check for the games of which providers it applies.

It is important to research all the conditions associated with the offer to make sure that you do not commit violations.

If you want to get a higher percentage of cashback, you can play games for which a higher percentage is offered according to this offer: slots, bingo, keno, scratch cards.

Also, check for withdrawal restrictions so you don't get frustrated if you can't withdraw a cashback amount.

Last but not least, remember that the amounts of bets placed 24 hours before the last cashback request are not involved in calculating the current cashback percentage.

For greater convenience, the option for this bonus is also valid through the 1xBet phone app.

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