1xBet Verification

1xBet Verification


Verification with 1xBet


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The 1xBet platform allows for quick and easy registration, without the need to enter personal data during this registration, which saves time.

Verification with 1xBet

However, the bookmaker will request verification of your data later.

If you want to provide more data from the beginning, we advise you not to use the quick registration with one click, via a social network account or email address, which means that 1xBet will soon invite you to verify your identity with more data and a document.

Still, you will make your personal choice according to your preferences.

If you're in a hurry, you can just register in the fast way you choose. When you receive a message - on the site page, or by email, you will need to go through the verification process. This usually happens when you need to make a deposit in order to have betting funds available to you.

 Why does 1xBet require verification?

The additional information you will need to provide will help the bookmaker to establish that you really are who you say you were at the beginning of registration.

This is a standard procedure used by online bookmakers to prevent fraud and malicious use of bonuses.

Of course, scanned copies of documents are needed to verify your identity.

 What personal documents are accepted for verification?

The data you will enter additionally is data from your personal documents. Your ID card, driver's license or passport can be used to verify your identity.

If you have not passed the verification process, you will not be able to withdraw funds that accrue as winnings to your account.

 If questions or problems arise during the verification process?

During the completion of the data and verification of your identity through scanned copies of personal documents, questions may arise.

In such cases, you can always contact 1xBet support specialists.

The easiest way is to use live chat, the icon of which you will see in the lower right corner. You can also use other ways to connect to support to ask questions.

 What restrictions can 1xBet place if you do not go through the verification process?

The most common measure for customers who have not verified their identity through personal documents is the restriction or limitation of the player's account.

The limit applies especially when the player wants to withdraw a large amount from his account, over 1000 euros.

When you need to withdraw such large amount for the first time, your account will be blocked.

1xBet does not risk allowing withdrawals of large amounts without verifying the identity of the players by presenting the full details with copies of personal documents. This is a rule that applies to all customers of the bookmaker.

Please contact support if you do not see or receive a message inviting you to verify your identity.

 Confirmation of verification

Once you have been invited to complete the verification process and have submitted your personal data via copies of a personal document, 1xBet will usually confirm the successful completion of the verification.

Some players even claim that the bookmaker requires paper copies of personal documents to be mailed to him. This is not very likely, because with all bookmakers offering online betting, the procedure is the same and it is enough to upload a scanned copy of one of the above personal documents or send them to the e-mail address of the bookmaker.

If you encounter problems of that nature, you should contact support immediately to clarify why re-verification is required. This is important because if the verification fails, the player's account is blocked.

 More people agree, that Account verification in 1xBet is easy.

Under no circumstances should you accept all reviews of 1xBet published online without you personally looking in to the issues.

This is a bookmaker that enjoys great popularity, thanks to the variety of bets, the betting exchange, games, numerous promotions and a unique casino section.

Rely on personal impressions and review the terms of use of the site.

It is very important before you agree to the terms of 1xBet, to read them carefully, especially the sections related to betting or games, depending on what you are interested in this site.

Usually players simply agree to the terms without reading them in detail. This may omit conditions that you must know must be met in order to use the site without problems.

Withdrawals of amounts of several hundred euros usually do not hold potential probems.

For any online bookmaker, especially for a modern site with many offers such as 1xBet, it is important that customers are satisfied, but no large amount should be allowed to be withdrawn without the staff being sure that the person requesting the withdrawal is a real person.

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