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Tennis is one of the most watched sports and understandably tempts bettors on online bookmaking sites.

The choice of tennis bets in the bookmaker 1xBet is very good, due to the advantages you will have, with a wide selection of tennis tournaments, markets and odds, as well as bets in the Live section.

 How to open the tennis tournaments page?

1xbet - How to open the tennis tournaments page?

In the sports section, one of the first sports is tennis. On the home page, as on the other pages, above you will have a horizontal bar with links to the different sections of 1xBet.

The Sports section is the first, and when you open it, you will see an upper horizontal bar with links to events in different sports, and a list on the left, where you can also select and open the page with the tennis matches.

Tennis matches are arranged in groups, by tournaments. When you position the cursor on the Tennis section in the horizontal bar at the top, next to the name of each tournament you will see the number of matches in it marked. Additional information will appear about these matches, who are the participants, the date and time of the start of the match, on what surface will be played.

You can use the filter you will find at the top left to select a match. Here from the drop-down menu you can select the exact date and time you are looking for to find the specific match faster. You must fill in this information in the fields under "Quick date selection".

You also have the option to search by match duration, and then you have to click the Apply button, or clear if you decide to search for another match or enter other data.

With the filter you can search for matches that will be played over the next seven days.

When you select a match, you will see its details at the top of the page. The markets for the match will be included here, you will be able to see the odds for them.

For the most watched tennis matches you will find a very wide variety of markets. And over the markets you will see the basic information about the match - date, time of start, who are the participants, at which stadium and on what field the match will be played.

 At the time of writing this material for one of the leading matches, the offered markets are:

- Handicap
- Even odd
- To win after a reversal
- Performance in the sets
- Both players to win at least one set Total
- Exact result and others.

Use the buttons over the list of markets. At the far left is the spiral symbol for display in all markets.

You can then search for markets for the regular time, for the first set and for the second set. Next is the search magnifier, after entering specific data. The symbol of a book after it allows you to search the market.

On the far right are the symbols with which you can choose to show in one column, in two columns and the symbol to hide or show everything.

In the list of championship matches, use the buttons against the name of the match. The first button is for statistics, very useful for bettors. Then there is the ranking symbol, also information important for successful betting, and the third symbol opens the entire list of markets.

If you are interested in the main markets, check them out, they are listed after the symbols we discussed above related to the match information.

 Tournaments and matches that you will find in the tennis section

In the Tennis section, similar to Football, you will find all the leading tournaments, as well as the not so popular ones, but those that have their supporters and are willing to bet on them.

 Here are some of 1xBet's suggestions:

- Grand Slam
- Davis Cup
- Hopman
- The Challenger series

Those who are interested in junior tournaments, such as those in the Grand Slam, will also find betting opportunities at leading such championships.

And for popular tournaments, the center of attention for all tennis fans, 1xBet allows betting on singles matches and doubles, men's tennis and matches between women.

Tournaments and matches that you will find in the tennis section

The main markets you will find for all matches, as you can expect, are for the winner of the match, for the exact result, for the total number of games.

And for the most watched matches you will find markets such as handicap, set result, bets on one or the other player and others.

 Odds for tennis bets

The odds for these bets are high, which is very important for achieving winning bets. Not only for the main markets, but also for those that are more untypical, you will find high enough odds. You will find that the odds for tennis matches are above the average level of offers from online bookmakers.

 Tennis bets in the Live section

The bets on tennis matches in the Live section are very interesting,  because you can  take bettings place duirmg the match.

The dynamics of the matches means that you need to react quickly and capture the right moment for a suitable bet.

An unexpected turn of events can happen in any tennis match, so you should be ready to quickly choose a bet according to the development at a given moment. For the leading meetings you can also watch a picture of a live broadcast.

 Tennis bets on the 1xBet sports exchange

From the drop-down menu for the Sports section, you can choose the 1xBet sports exchange to bet with more challenging and risky odds.

Here the bookmaker does not participate and does not determine the odds, but only deducts 1% commission from the winning bets.

The odds themselves are determined by players who expect other players to meet their offers by betting For or Against.

Either welcome the bet made by another player, or you make an offer and expect it to be accepted by another player or players in order for the bet to become active.

This is a much more exciting way to bet, as well as an opportunity for higher winnings. But for both tennis and other sports, you won't find as many events here as in the Sports section for standard betting.


The tennis section in the Sports section, the tennis betting section in the betting exchange, as well as the live betting section, during matches, provide you with many betting opportunities in different markets, with good odds, with enough statistics to use for decision making, including player ranking.

If you have experience and accumulated enough information, you can take on the challenge and you can make a bet offer on the 1xBet exchange, expecting it to be met and your bet to become active. In the stock market, the odds are even better and the profits are very tempting.

With so many tennis fans, betting on tennis matches is in high demand. With the offers of 1xBet, the fans of this sport, who want very good conditions for their bets, get everything they are looking for.

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