Straight column bets

Straight column bets


1xBet - Straight column bets


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1xBet - Straight column bets

We will look at the types of bets offered by the Russian bookmaker 1xBet. Among them, we recommend the accumulator, or bets found inside the straight column. Both beginners and experienced players will be interested in them.

It is useful for all players to know what the betting opportunities are on the 1xBet site and to choose the ones that best suit their style and goals.

 How to make an accumulator bet?

How to make an accumulator bet?

The accumulator bet is a combination of several bets in a single slip.

In order to win this slip, all bets in it must be made correctly and must be bets that win.

On the one hand, you can make small individual bets and, with the right predictions, win a significant amount. This amount will be several times higher than the profit you would receive with a simple bet.

But on the other hand, you take the risk of losing, if even one of the bets turns out to be non-winning - then the whole accumulative bet will be lost.

After selecting a sport and an event from that sport, you need to select the odds and click on them.

Each event for which you have selected a coefficient will be automatically displayed in the electronic slip.

It is then important to mark the bet as an accumulator in the Bet Type field and enter the bet amount. All you have to do is press the button with which you place your bet.

 live accumulator bets in 1xBet

The Live section in 1xBet is often visited due to the possibility to follow the development of sports events as they are taking place.

1xBet offers many live events where you can also place accumulator bets. The sequence is the same as described above for the Sports section.

Here we want to emphasize that in live play the odds change often, according to the development of the event. Therefore, at some point you may need to wait before you can confirm the bet you want to place.

This is due to the blocking of markets in the event of a novelty in the development of the event. In addition to waiting, you can choose the other option - to mark that you will accept the changed odds. This possibility is indicated in the electronic form.

This is an option for players who want to avoid confirming their betting decision in the event of a change in the event. Of course, such a choice carries its own risks.

In addition, you can read our article on how to change the bet in 1xBet.

 What types of bets can you place in the 1xBet sports section?

In addition to accumulator bets, which are very popular among players, you have the opportunity to choose between the following types:

 Happy bet
This is the making of predictions from several selections, with which the player makes single bets for the selected events and at the same time bets on combinations between these events. This is the familiar English bet Lucky.

Here the number of combinations is determined by how many selections are included in the slip. With at least one correct prediction, the player wins.

This type of bet is the opposite of the accumulative one in terms of profit. Such a bet wins if the equivalent battery bet loses. That is, if the player does not guess at least one result, he wins.

 Chain pledge
It consists of two or more single selections. With this type of bet, it is important to arrange the events correctly.

The success of the first prediction is very important for the chain bet. If it is profitable, it helps to generate funds for the other elements of the bet.

With properly arranged events, there is a high probability of winning, even if not all the selections turn out to be profitable.

 The system
This type of bet consists of a minimum of three selections. Then you can play with 2/3, which reduces the risk for your predictions and if at least two of the three selections turn out to be profitable, you will make a profit. 

 Patent pledge
To make such a bet, you can combine the selections in the electronic slip in any way.

Most often the patent pledge is of three selections. The combinations between them are seven - one triple, three double and three single bets.

You can also add more selections, using the same principle for all possible combinations.

A profit is obtained if at least one of the predictions turns out to be profitable.

 The bet type field

Once you have marked the odds for your chosen sporting events, look at the electronic slip in which they have been added.

At the bottom of the slip you will see the "Bet Type" field. When opening the drop-down menu, you need to highlight the Accumulator option or the other type of bet you want to place.

After selecting the type of bet, the system will automatically show you the calculated amount you can win.

If you decide to place a bet, press the button with which you make the final bet.

 Types of bets in the 1xBet exchange

Players who have experience in betting on a sports exchange know that it bets on other players. This is also the principle in the 1xBet sports exchange. By choosing a player prediction, you can bet For or Against.

 Important clarifications
In order to make the most of what the different types of bets on 1xBet offer, you must first find out what they represent.

To reduce the risk, start by betting small amounts.

In the field of the slip, after selecting the type of bet, the system calculates the possible profit.

Carefully consider whether it is beneficial for you and what risk you take in case of failure before you finally confirm the bet.

When choosing from the promotions offered by 1xBet, you should check whether the selection of your choice is limited to single and/or accumulator bets only.

For some promotions, the bookmaker sets this condition.

If you still do not have your own 1xBet account, we strongly recommend that you register and try all the useful options and betting markets.

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