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1xBet Sports Exchange


For players who are looking to challenge their knowledge of teams and athletes, as well as their intuition, 1xBet can offer it's players just that. This is more risky than fixed odds bets in the Sports section, but for experienced players keeping track of statistics for their favorite teams and athletes is a welcoming experience.

Not many online bookmakers offer a sports exchange, so once again 1xBet shows advantage and care in diversity for its customers.

Sportsbook bets are different, they are For or Against the event. Let's look at the offers of the bookmaker in the exchange, which is a part of the Sports section.

 1xBet commission for winning bets

1xBet charges a 1% commission on winning bets. If you lose your bet, you will not be charged a commission.

In addition, compared to the commission applied by other leading bookmakers, which reaches 6%, that of 1xBet is very low.

 1xBet Betting Page

1xBet Betting Page

When the cursor is pointed at the Sports Menu, you will se the fifth option in the drop down menu be the Betting Exchange tab.

A page will open where you will see what events and bets are on offer.

The largest number of sporting events are football matches, but you will also find bets on matches from other sports.

On the left side of the page in the vertical list you will see the list of sports, with football being first, followed by cricket, baseball, basketball, boxing, volleyball and tennis.

You will find markets for all the leading sport events. Select the sport, then the event to see the markets. When choosing a sport, the events will be displayed grouped by championships, as in the Sports section for regular bets with odds and markets by the bookmaker. You will see the list of events in groups in the center of the page.

 For and Against Bets

For each market in the stock exchange you will see two betting options - For and Against.

For example, if you see a proposal with the final result of a match, the bet For means that you are for that result, you agree with the predictions.

And the Bet Against means you will bet on a result other than that, you do not agree with the predictions of the player who offered this bet.

To make it easier for players, the odds For are in blue and those Against are in green.

 You will not find live bets here

Don't look for opportunities to bet on live sports events in this part of the sports exchange. Live sports betting is very rarely offered, however given the continuous improvement of the site and the expansion of offers, live events could be on the site sooner than later.

 Bets will be displayed in US dollars

You will see the US dollar symbol after each amount.

You should keep in mind that the offers in this section are in this currency.

 When do bets become active?

In order for a bet to be active, a player must place a bet against the player offering that bet. For example, if you think a team will win a match, and you are betting on a win, another player must bet For or Against a win on that team in order for your offer to be active.

 You can place your bets on the 1xBet exchange

In this section of the Sports section the bookmaker does not participate with offers for odds.

As we specified, the players are the ones who offer, and other players place bets in response to the offers. This is also an opportunity for you to make an offer for a match of a team or player that you have been following for a long time.

The risk here is greater, you can specify higher odds.

Usually in sports exchanges the odds are higher than in the sports sections of online bookmakers. This also applies to 1xBet.

On the other hand, here you will have a choice of not many sports betting events, but the current events on site are more than enough to get you started.

 What markets will you find in the betting exchange

What markets will you find in the betting exchange

When you choose a sporting event, you will see the main markets.

At the top center of the page you will see the three options - the first team to win, a draw or the second team to win.

Then you have the columns with odds colored in blue and green for the For or Against bets. Below these main markets you will find a smaller list labled "others".

 Football markets include:
- Over / Under for given results
- Exact result of the event - there are many options, from 0: 0 to 3: 3, as well as opportunities to bet on other results
- Both teams to score
- Double chance
- Next goal - which team will score it or will not have the next goal and others.

 Here are the main markets for several more sports:
- For basketball the proposals are Over / Under, the result for the first, second or third quarter.
- For tennis you can again bet on Over / Under, as well as on the exact result.
- Over / Under are also available for volleyball matches. 

In addition to the center of the page, you will see a vertical list of markets on the left side of the page.

You will not be able to place battery bets here. Fans of such bets may note that the odds in the sports exchange are better than those for ordinary sports bets in 1xBet.

 The odds

When choosing a given market you will see the selection with the selected coefficient for it.

You can enter another odds if you prefer, but it must be within the limits of what is possible.

In extreme offers, other players are unlikely to place opposing bets, as the risk will be very high, therefore such a bet is likely to remain inactive.

You better stick to real odds and you can accept the odds made as an offer by the other player.

Here the system of the site will help you as it will show you which are the most advantageous odds that are worth betting on.

 Filling in the electronic form

The electronic slip is on the right, as in the other bets section.

When selecting a coefficient, the selection will be automatically included in the slip.

If you want to enter another coefficient select its value with the arrows to the right of the current coefficient, fill in the amount you are betting and press the button to complete the bet.


As a relatively new online bookmaker, 1xBet is at a good level when it comes to betting. It is evolving very fast, offering more and more to players.

Soon we can expect new offers in the sports exchange.

On the 1xBet website you can also bet in the Sports section, with many sports and the inclusion of not so popular championships, combining with the exciting bets For or Against in the sports exchange.

Even after deducting the commission of 1% for winning bets on the exchange, you will have enough winnings, which are very valuable, because betting in this section is more risky and requires a lot of experience with monitoring teams and athletes, statistics and combining all betting knowledge.

If you have not yet tried the bets on the 1xBet exchange, we strongly recommend that you register and immerse yourself in the world of winnings.

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